Zero-G Championship Triple Threat
By Scott Reid
Posted On 08-09-2015 14:05 GMT
Tags: DCT , Lewis Girvan , Stevie Boy

The ICW Zero-G Championship has been a highly sought-after title since its creation in 20101, but recently, the competition in the Zero-G division has been more intense than ever, with some of the top young names in the country looking to take the gold from around the waist of the current titleholder, Stevie Boy.

At ICW: Spacebaws - Episode III - Weekend At Bernies 2, Stevie Boys reign will be in more jeopardy than it has ever been in, when he faces not one, but two of the fastest rising stars in the country today; 'The International Sex Hero' DCT, and  the self-proclaimed 'Best Young Wrestler In The World' Lewis Girvan.

Despite often being touted as one of the most talented high-flyers in all of the UK, many have claimed that Stevie Boy hasnt truly been tested during his time as Zero-G Champion, but the NAK often often playing a huge part in his limited title defences. However, at the last Spacebaws event, Stevie showed he still has the right to be called Champion, when he took on DCT in a heated one-on-one match, coming out victorious against the 'International Sex Hero'. At Spacebaws - Episode III, Stevie will once again have to prove that he can hold his own as the figurehead of the Zero-G Division, but will he play by the rules this time, or will the NAK make their presence felt, with the odds stacked against their brother?

'The International Sex Hero' DCT will do everything in his power to capture the gold however, and if his actions at Spacebaws - Episode II are anything to go by, he could have a very good chance of leaving The Garage as the champion. Developing into one of the best-loved young stars in all of ICW over the last few months, DCT's charisma, coupled with an extremely tough approach to competition in the ring, has seen him rise through the ranks, and become a legitimate contender to the ICW Zero-G Championship. At Spacebaws - Episode II, he came up just short of the victory against Stevie Boy, but post-match, DCT showed that he had the skills to break the champion, as he caught Stevie in the Tachemission, causing the NAK's war-boy to tap out. If DCT can mirror this at Spacebaws - Episode III on September 20th, we could see a brand new Zero-G Champion stand tall in The Garage.

What makes this Zero-G Championship match different from last time though, is the inclusion of Lewis Girvan. After fighting for years to find a place in ICW, Lewis has finally begun to gain some momentum in the Insane Asylum, picking up some big wins, most notably against Mikey Whiplash at Barramania, competing around the country as part of the Insane Entertainment System tour. As part of the Spacebaws events, Lewis has been one of the most impressive young stars to compete recently, and has made his intentions to become the ICW Zero-G Champion very clear, constantly targetting anyone who hold the gold. With a ton of momentum behind him, and the desitre to finally cement his place in ICW, can Lewis Girvan find a way to overcome Stevie Boy and DCT, and finally win the title he has coveted for so long?

Don't miss this huge Triple Threat match for the ICW Zero-G Championship, as Stevie Boy, DCT, and Lewis Girvan battle it out for the gold!

ICW: Spacebaws - Episode III - Weekend At Bernies 2, takes place at The Garage in Glasgow, on Sunday September 20th. Tickets are available now at and

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