ICW Womens Championship - Viper vs Kay Lee Ray vs Nikki Storm
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-12-2015 19:14 GMT
Tags: Kay Lee Ray , Nikki Storm , Viper

As 2016 begins, ICW returns to the Garage this Sunday, January 3rd with a show filled with huge matches. As part of this massive event, fans will be treated to a rematch from Fear & Loathing VIII, as ICW Women’s Champion, Viper, puts her title on the line against ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm, and ‘The Queen of Hardcore’ Kay Lee Ray!

Having been the victim of merciless attacks and constant taunting by her two opponents, Viper looks to silence both Kay Lee and Nikki this Sunday, but are the odds stacked too high against ‘The Vixen of Violence’?

While she may have missed out on the ICW Women’s Championship on November 15th, Nikki Storm has been one of the most dominant competitors in the ICW Women’s Division throughout 2015. With a wealth of world-travelled knowledge behind her, Nikki is, arguably, one of the most skilled and versatile competitors that this country has ever produced, having taken on, and defeated, some of the finest talent that professional wrestling has to offer. While she may be the self-proclaimed ‘Best In The Galaxy’, Nikki will not be happy until she has to gold to back that statement up, and on January 3rd, she gets her chance. Can Nikki finally claim the title she has so ruthlessly hunted for months?

While the ICW Women’s Division has grown rapidly in 2015, one competitor who has been part of the division long before many others is Kay Lee Ray. One of the first female talents to ever compete in ICW, Kay Lee helped mould the Women’s Division in Insane Championship Wrestling, with many fans viewing her as the standard bearer for female competition in the company. Having come so close to becoming the first-ever ICW Women’s Champion on November 15th, only to miss out on the title in the end, Kay Lee is a woman on a mission, determined to finally capture the gold that she believes she so rightly deserves. More dangerous and determined than she has ever been, will Kay Lee defeat her two opponents, and realise her dream?

While the odds may be stacked against her this Sunday, ‘The Vixen of Violence’ Viper has overcome all obstacles to get this far as ICW Women’s Champion, and she has no desire to see her reign end just yet. Entering Fear & Loathing VIII as a surprise competitor, by order of Commissioner Mick Foley, Viper would go on to defeat Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm at the SECC to become the first-ever ICW Women’s Champion, and since then, has defeated every opponent put in front of her in defence of the title. Now determined to prove that she is indeed worthy of the title, despite what her two opponents say, Viper has agreed to go to war with Kay Lee and Nikki one more time, in an attempt to shut them up for good. Having everything to lose this Sunday, can Viper prove her title reign is, by no means, a fluke, and walk out of the Garage as the ICW Women’s Champion?

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