Womens Title Tournament Brackets Announced
By Scott Reid
Posted On 29-07-2015 19:38 GMT

At Spacebaws – Episode 1, ICW GM Red Lightning made the huge announcement that, at ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII, at the SECC on November 15th, the first ICW Women’s Champion will be crowned, in the finals of a tournament that will being this August, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. While tournament participants were announced at that point, Red announced that 8 of the best female competitors in country would have the opportunity to go for the gold.

Now, the full brackets for the ICW Women’s Championship Tournament have been announced, with the 4 quarter-final matches having been confirmed;

On August 9th, at ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, the first match of the tournament will pit the self-proclaimed ‘Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm against ICW newcomer, Debbie Sharpe. A veteran female competitor in ICW, Nikki Storm is a world-travelled talent, who has competed against some of the absolute best on the planet today, and will scratch, bite and claw her way to the ICW Women’s Championship if she has too. On August 9th though, she will have to go through a young competitor who has already made a name from herself around the country, Debbie Sharpe. While Debbie has competed in multiple other promotions around the country, she has never stepped foot in the ICW ring, which is an environment that can bring out the best, or worst, in a competitor. Could the wild and unpredictable environment of ICW be the type that Debbie Sharpe shines in, or will Nikki Storm be able to make it to the Semi-Finals of the Women’s Championship Tournament, and be one step closer to championship gold?

The following week, at ICW: The Ministry of Silly Headlocks on August 16th, it will be Nikki Storm’s young protégé, Sammii Jayne who competes for her chance to progress in the championship tournament, as she takes on ‘The Barbie Breaker’ Layla Rose. Since being taken under Nikki Storms wing, Sammii Jayne has become a much more confident and aggressive wrestler, who looks to be making great steps to becoming a top competitor in ICW. In her Quarter-Final match though, she will be taking on a woman who is still undefeated in singles action in ICW, Layla Rose. One of the most aggressive, and physically imposing women to ever compete in ICW, Layla Rose is a destroyer who has taken on all comers with great success, even defeating Carmel Jacob at Barramania to send her packing from the company. Can Layla Rose continue to steam-roll through the competition in ICW, or will Sammii Jayne’s tutelage at the hands of Nikki Storm pay off, and give her one of the biggest victories of her career?

The third Quarter-Final match of the tournament pits one of the most popular wrestlers in the country today, against a veteran of the ICW Women’s division, as Viper battles Sara on August 23rd, at ICW: A Horse, A Bucket, And A Spoon. ‘The Vixen of Violence’ Viper is one of the most unique female competitors that ICW has ever seen and, as a result, she has become one of the most loved wrestlers on the ICW roster. Newly married to the 'International Sex Hero' DCT, Viper will now be looking straight ahead to August 23rd when she gets the chance to compete for her shot at a title she so greatly desires. Her opponent that night, Sara, however, is no ordinary competitor, and will do everything in her power to take her place in the semi-finals. As devious as they come, with the skills to back up everything she claims about herself, Sara is an extremely successful wrestler who can battle the best of them on any given day. Having been gone from ICW for some time, will some time to regroup be what Sara needed to come back, better than ever, or will Viper tear through her on the road to Fear & Loathing VIII?

And in the last Quarter-Final match, which will take place at ICW: Spacebaws – Episode II – Come As You Are on August 30th, at the Garage in Glasgow, Kay Lee Ray of the New Age Kliq will go head-to-head with Kasey Owens for the first time ever in ICW! Another tournament entrant who has competed all over the world, Kay Lee Ray is one of the most successful female stars in the UK today, and has only continued to improve from the moment she stepped into a professional wrestling ring. Now a part of the New Age Kliq, Kay Lee has let her darker side loose on ICW, and that darkness may be just what she needs to pick up the win, and advance in the ICW Women’s Championship Tournament. However, at ‘Come As You Are’, she will be taking on another competitor whose star is on the rise, Kasey Owens. Primarily known as a successful tag team competitor in ICW, Kasey now steps out on her own to compete in singles action for the first time. While she may be less experienced as singles wrestler in ICW, that may serve as an advantage, with Kay Lee Ray not knowing what Kasey will throw at her in that environment. Will Kay Lee Ray make it to the Semi-Finals, or will Kasey Owens score the biggest singles win of her ICW career so far, and advance in the title tournament?

With the ICW Women’s Division already heating up, and now with gold on the line, the ICW Women’s Championship Tournament will no doubt provide fans with some truly exciting action throughout the next few months. With ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII only a few months away, these 8 competitors will have to put everything on the line, if they want to make it to the SECC on November 15th, and be crowned the first ICW Women’s Champion!

To see semi-finals of the ICW Women’s Championship Tournament, don’t miss ICW’s Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and ICW: Spacebaws – Episode II – Come As You Are at the Garage on August 30th. Tickets for all of these events are available now atwww.ticketmaster.co.ukand www.triplegmusic.com