Carmel VS Viper VS Kay Lee Ray - ICW Womens Championship
By Scott Reid
Posted On 12-10-2016 15:52 GMT
Tags: Carmel , Kay Lee Ray , Viper

Since the end of July, the state of the ICW Women's Championship has been unsure, due to an unfortunate knee injury suffered by the current title-holder, Carmel. With The Pipebomb Princess out of action for a number of months, many were wondering whether she would be returning to defend the title, or be forced to vacate it. On October 9th however, we received an answer, when Carmel returned to ICW to address a challenge laid out by the former Women's Champion, Viper.

With Viper looking for her chance to reclaim the title at Fear & Loathing IX, the Vixen of Violence called out The Pipebomb Princess, who assured her that she will be fit and ready to defend the title on November 20th at the SSE Hydro, and will happily give Viper her shot. One person who wasn't best pleased with that announcement though was The Queen of Hardcore, Kay Lee Ray. Having been very vocal in the past about her desire to become ICW Women's Champion, Kay Lee wasn't willing to let someone else get their shot before her, and confronted both Viper and Carmel, proclaiming that she should be challenging for the title at Fear & Loathing IX.

After dropping Kay Lee with a stiff belt shot to the head, Carmel made it clear that she would defend the title against anyone worthy of a shot, before shockingly nailing Viper with the title as well. With a Triple Threat match set for November 20th at the SSE Hydro, Carmel swore that she would do everything in her power to remain ICW Women's Championship, no matter what!

With all three competitors standing as the figurehead of the ICW Women's division at different points of their career, each one has a legitimate claim to being the number 1 female competitor in Insane Championship Wrestling, and on Sunday November 20th, we will find out once and for all who the better woman is. Can Carmel return from injury to take back the throne that has been left unattended in during her recovery? Will Viper reclaim the title that she won exactly one year previous, at Fear & Loathing VIII? Or is Kay Lee Ray ready to finally fulfil her destiny of becoming ICW's Women's Championship?

Don't miss this huge match, as three wrestlers who redefined Women's Wrestling in this country will compete at the SSE Hydro, for the ICW Women's Championship!

Tickets for Fear & Loathing IX, on Sunday November 20th at the SSE Hydro, are available now at, and! Standing tickets are for 18+ only, however 16+ customers can buy seated tickets!

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