Wolfgang VS Stevie Boy - ICW World Heavyweight Championship Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-12-2016 14:41 GMT
Tags: Stevie Boy , Wolfgang

This Sunday at The Garage in Glasgow, the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Wolfgang will be in action, as he defends the title against a man he calls a friend; his former NAK brother, and the leader of The Filthy Generation, Stevie Boy!

After successfully regaining full control of Insane Championship Wrestling at Fear & Loathing IX, Mark Dallas has already begun to implement some major changes in Insane Championship Wrestling, the first of which regards the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. With Wolfgang having refused to defend the title against anyone on the road to Fear & Loathing, Mark Dallas has decreed that the champion will now be defending the title more regularly, in order to prove that he is indeed the fighting champion that he claims to be. Not only that, but this Sunday, Wolfgang will make his first post-Fear & Loathing title defence against Stevie Boy, pitting the two associates against one and other with the richest prize in Insane Championship Wrestling on the line. With a lot of history existing between these two, will Wolfgang & Stevie refuse to compete against one and other, or will both men fight with everything they have for the right to be called the ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

Despite having refused to defend the title against anyone before Fear & Loathing IX, Wolfgang’s dominance cannot be ignored. During the last tour of the UK, Wolfgang was practically unstoppable, laying out challenger after challenger in almost every single city he stepped into, with his trusty brass-knuckles never too far from reach. This dominance, along with his huge win over Trent Seven at Fear & Loathing IX, add up to an extremely impressive run as of late, and with Mark Dallas forcing the champion to defend his title on a more regular basis, that may simply spur Wolfgang on to become more vicious and dominating than ever! With a challenger like Stevie Boy coming for his title this Sunday, Wolfgang will have to be at the top of his game to defend the gold but if the last few months have proven anything, it’s that the Big Bad Wolf thrives on big match situations!

Coming off of a huge win over BT Gunn in ICW’s first ever Casket Match at Fear & Loathing IX, Stevie Boy has been one of Insane Championship Wrestling MVP’s of 2016. Looking better and better every time he steps between the ropes, Stevie Boy is ready to put some championship gold around his waist, and this Sunday at the Garage, he looks to do just that. Despite having been a part of ICW for a number of years now, Stevie has only challenged for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship once in his entire career, in a show-stealing match against Red Lightning at the second annual Square Go. Now a little older and wiser, as well as a lot more violent, Stevie Boy is a different beast altogether, and could very well shock the world this Sunday when he faces Wolfgang in The Garage. Having won the ICW Tag Team Championships and the ICW Zero-G Championship in the past, Stevie Boy only has the ICW World Heavyweight Championship left to capture, in order to become the first Grand Slam winner in the company’s history. Can the leader of The Filthy Generation pick up a monumental win this Sunday, and lay claim to being the best singles wrestler in ICW history?

Don’t miss the final ICW Fight Club event of the year, as Wolfgang puts the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Stevie Boy! Tickets for this Sunday’s show are on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk!

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