Wolfgang VS Jack Jester
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-04-2017 12:12 GMT
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Barramania 3 had varied levels of success for Wolfgang and Jack Jester. Wolfgang did exactly what he said he would do, by defeating Grado and proving he was a better professional wrestler than him. On the other hand, Jack Jester had one of his worst nights in ICW, being literally ripped apart by his former best friend Drew Galloway in the Barbed Wire Ropes match, again being defeated by Galloway in the Barrowlands, before emotionally saying goodbye to Galloway, who has been signed for NXT and has departed ICW, at least for the immediate future. It is safe to say Wolfgang had the better evening of the two men.

On April 30th, these two former ICW Heavyweight Champions collide. They once stood on the same side representing the Black Label, but those days have passed, and it's safe to say there is no love lost between these two going into this contest. 

Is Jester 100% going in though? Jester has been involved in the msot bloody violent matches in ICW ever, but Barramania 3, he took even more punishment than usual. We are only two weeks removed from the Barbed Wire match when April 30th arrives, and it may sound cliche, but the fact is that the human body is not meant to take such trauma and damage, and when it does, you need time to heal and recover. There is also the mental state of Jester running into this match. The man carving him up was his best friend Drew Galloway, and though it seems with his match that the issues between Galloway and Jester are over,
everything that has transpired must still sit heavy on the mindset of Jester .

All of these elements considered, the odds are in Wolfgang's favour, but Jack Jester has always fought against the odds, usually with success. It may have the opposite effect and inspire Jester, motivating him to bounce back from this huge loss with a win over The Regulator of ICW. 

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