Wolfgang VS DCT
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-05-2016 02:36 GMT
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2016 has already proven to be a huge year for a number of competitors in Insane Championship Wrestling, and two men who have stepped into the spotlight more than ever are Wolfgang, and 'The International Sex Hero' DCT. With Wolfgang having won the Fifth Annual Square Go Match, and DCT on route to a massive Steel Cage match against Bram at Shug's Hoose Party III, both men have grabbed the attention of fans in very different ways, and on May 29th, they will go one-on-one against one and other at The Garage in Glasgow!

A young man who has been fighting for his spot in Insane Championship Wrestling for some time now, 'The International Sex Hero' DCT has stepped out of the shadows of others in the last few months, and is determined to make a name for himself as one of ICW top stars. Hugely popular with fans, DCT's extremely physical approach in the ring, coupled with his natural charisma, has made him a must-watch competitor in Insane Championship Wrestling. As he heads towards Shug's Hoose Party III in July, to take on Bram in a Steel Cage match, DCT is looking to get all the momentum he can, and to do that, he's going after the biggest dogs in the yard. Looking to prove that he is ready to be at the top in Insane Championship Wrestling, can DCT score the biggest win of his career by knocking off the 2016 Square Go winner?

While his opponent has proven to be highly popular with fans, one man who has earned the ire of fans recently is Wolfgang. An ICW original, Wolfgang's allegiance with The Black Label may be an unpopular to some, but no-one can deny the benefits that is has presented. Already a top teir competitor in ICW, who possesses incredible strength and agility, Wolfgang's new alliance with Red Lightning and his forces has helped him pick up a number of wins, all the while distancing himself further and further from the fans who once adored him. As he patiently bides his time, waiting for the opportune moment to cash-in his Square Go contract for a guaranteed shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, will Wolfgang make short work of his young opponent on May 29th, and prove once again that the ICW ring is still his yard?

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