Wolfgang VS Darkside
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-09-2016 00:44 GMT
Tags: James Scott , Wolfgang

In the years to come, when people look back on the history of Insane Championship Wrestling, there will be certain names that continue to appear time and time again. Names that helped mould ICW from it's earliest days, into the worldwide name that it has become today. This Sunday, September 11th, at The Garage in Glasgow, two of those names will collide for the first time in over 3 years, as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Wolfgang puts the title on the line against his former tag team partner, and longest reigning champion in ICW history, Darkside!

Despite having only made one defence of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship so far, Wolfgang has already shown that he has no intention of giving up the title any time soon, having absolutely demolished an injured DCT at our last event to make his point clear. Almost unstoppable throughout 2016, Wolfgang has never looked more dangerous, and on September 11th, he looks to continue his winning ways and prove he is the most dominant Heavyweight Champion in wrestling today, and to do that, he will have to go through a man who, arguably, knows him better than anyone; Darkside!

Returning to ICW for the first time in over a year, Darkside brings with him an ICW legacy that few can match. The longest reigning ICW Heavyweight Champion in history, and the first man to ever hold the Iron Man title, Darkside is a extremely skilled grappler who possesses a mean streak a mile long. Able to pick his opponents apart in the most methodical ways, before destroying them with an arsenal of MMA skills, Darkside is one of the most well-rounded competitors in the country. On September 11th, he returns to ICW in an attempt to reclaim his throne, and in this instance, he has an advantage that few others have. The former tag team partner of Wolfgang, with whom he won numerous Tag Team Championships around the UK as part of T2K, Darkside knows his opponent inside and out. Will that be enough to lead Darkside to victory this Sunday at The Garage?

Tickets for this Sundays show at The Garage in Glasgow are on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk!

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