Kenny Williams Vs Zack Gibson
By Jeffrey Berry
Posted On 04-05-2017 13:59 GMT
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Zack Gibson has vowed to soon be considered ICW's number one! Without a shadow of a doubt, he is adamant this is going to happen. In Gibson's mind, he already is number one, he just needs the world to see what he sees. An extremely dangerous and skilled competitor, Zack is a technical master in between the ropes and has no time for high flyers in the sport of wrestling, men he considers to be nothing more than gymnasts that do "silly flips". To Liverpool's Number 1, that isn't wrestling. What he does is wrestling, even if there is often a level of hypocrisy to his actions.

One man that Gibson has seemingly taken exception to is the reigning ICW Zero-G Champion, 'The Bollocks' Kenny Williams. Kenny uses an array of high flying maneuveurs in the ring, and that style has seen him become, not only one of the most popular competitors in all of ICW, but also a two time Zero-G champion. Kenny has been a fighting champion, making open challenges to anyone who wants to come and prove themself, and to elevate the status of the Zero-G Championship.

At the last ICW Fight Club taping at the Glasgow QMU, Gibson took it upon himself to answer the Zero-G Championship Open Challenge in a less than conventional manner. After costing Matt Cross the victory, Gibson took it upon himself to attack Kenny Williams after the match and declare that he would be answering the Zero-G Championship Open Challenge at the next Fight Club taping.

On Saturday 13th May, at the Tramshed in Cardiff, Kenny Williams has taken the bair, and will defend the ICW Zero-G Champion against Zack Gibson! If Zack wanted a shot at the gold, he could have just answered the challenge like everyone else, show up at the event, and challenge Kenny, but Gibson doesn't do business like that it seems. Kenny will need to remain calm and collected and not allow the larger, more aggressive Gibson to get inside his mind, or we could very well have a brand new ICW Zero G Champion.

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