Mikey Whiplash VS Trent Seven
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-03-2016 13:59 GMT
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Barramania 2, taking place at The Barrowlands on Sunday April 3rd, is already shaping up to be a huge night, but in the aftermath of the most recent match announcement, fans are buzzing about the prospect of seeing two of the most resilient competitors on the ICW roster battle it out in the halls of the legendary Glasgow venue. At Barramania 2, Mikey Whiplash will go one-on-one with Trent Seven!

It was almost 1 year ago that these two men first crossed paths in an ICW ring, and since that day, it seemed inevitable that their paths would cross again. On Trent Seven’s first night in the company, he took on Mikey Whiplash in his home town of Birmingham, in a match which left everyone speechless. With both men dishing out, and absorbing, sickening amounts of punishment to one and other, Whiplash and Seven had everyone talking in the weeks following their match, but it wouldn’t be until the Fifth Annual Square Go match where they would meet again. During the 30 Man match, Whiplash suplexed Trent from the ring to the entrance ramp, reminiscent of a move delivered by Seven in their match almost a year before, leading to many people wondering whether Mikey held some animosity towards his moustached opponent. Now, At Barramania 2, they will go head-to-head one more time, but will it be Mikey Whiplash or Trent Seven who walks out with their head held high?

With his sights set on the main event of Fear & Loathing IX at The SSE Hydro on November 20th, Mikey Whiplash has adopted a more aggressive approach in the ring as of late, determined to prove that he is the very best that ICW to offer. One of the most versatile competitors that ICW has ever seen, Whiplash is a man who can go hold-for-hold with the best of them, before transforming into a bloodthirsty brawler in the blink of an eye. As well as dishing out punishment however, one of Mikey’s most notable traits is his ability to absorb massive amounts of pain, and keep on going, constantly pushing himself to see how far he can take his body. With his opponent at Barramania 2 being known as one of the hardest-hitting men in British Wrestling, will Mikey’s almost-superhuman resiliency be the key to victory on April 3rd?

Despite having only had a handful of matches in Insane Championship Wrestling, Trent Seven has quickly garnered a huge fanbase within the ICW audience. With his unmistakable beard and natural charm, Trent has captured the hearts of the ICW fans, but above all of that, it is his in-ring abilities that have led him to become so popular. One of wrestling’s heaviest hitters, Trent hits with the force of a bulldozer, bludgeoning opponents with vicious chops, and forearms strikes which knock a man clean out, but is also extremely well-known for his resiliency. Able to go through physical hell in the ring, and just keep on ticking, Trent Seven is a man who refuses to give up for anyone. Can Mikey Whiplash keep down a man who may be even more resilient than himself, in the form of Trent Seven?

Barramania 2 takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday April 3rd. Tickets are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk

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