Mikey Whiplash VS Joe Coffey
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-02-2016 14:33 GMT
Tags: Joe Coffey , Mikey Whiplash

Two of the very best that ICW has to offer will square off this Sunday at the Garage, as Mikey Whiplash goes-one-on-one with ‘The Iron Man’ Joe Coffey. Both men have very specific goals set for 2016, and have no desire to let anyone stand in their way, but who will reign supreme when these two world class athletes collide in the Garage?

While he may be best known to some as ‘The Suicide King’, who puts his body on the line to inflict punishment on his opponents in the most horrific ways imaginable, to others, Mikey Whiplash is looked at as one of the finest technicians that this country has ever produced. Able to methodically wear an opponent down through superior technical wrestling ability alone, Whiplash has engaged in some mat-wrestling classics in ICW against the likes of Robbie Dynamite and Jack Gallagher, and has shown that he is just as comfortable going hold-for-hold with an opponent as he is taking a steel chair to their skull. With his ultimate goal for 2016 to main event Fear & Loathing IX, Whiplash will need all the momentum he can get as we head towards November 20th. Will he be able to pick up a huge win this Sunday when he takes on The Iron Man?

Joe Coffey is undoubtedly one of the most passionate wrestlers on the ICW roster. Devoting his entire life to Professional Wrestling, Joe is considered to be one of the very best in the country right now, but time after time, he has just missed out on his dream of becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion, often times due to The Black Label. Now more determined than ever to take the title that he fought so hard for, Joe has sworn to make 2016 his year, and this Sunday, he looks to continue his reign of dominance by defeating former ICW Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Whiplash. If he can knock off Whiplash, Joe gets one step closer to one more shot at the title, and that may be just the motivation he needs to succeed in the Garage on February 21st!

Don’t miss this huge match-up between two of ICW’s top stars, this Sunday at the Garage in Glasgow!

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