Mikey Whiplash VS Jack Jester
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-12-2015 12:23 GMT
Tags: Jack Jester , Mikey Whiplash

Throughout history, there are rivals whose paths have been forever interwined. Rivals who, no matter how long they stay clear of one and other, will inevitably meet one more time. In ICW, two men whose fates seem permanently tied together are Jack Jester and Mikey Whiplash.

Two of the most sadistic competitors to ever compete in ICW, Jester and Whiplash spent the better part of 3 years battling back and forth, spilling blood in almost every building they fought in, and dishing out punishment to one and other in the most horrific ways imaginable. After their epic collision at Fer & Loathing VI, some thought that Jack and Mikey may have finally put their issues to rest, but a hatred like the one they share never truly dies, and on December 20th, these two demented individuals will write another chapter in their years-long war!

While Mikey Whiplash was once a wild, unpredictable competitor who would destroy opponents without a single thought, the painted warrior of Legion is now a more focused individual, intent on once again reaching the ultimate goal in Insane Championship Wrestling; The ICW World Heavyweight Championship. While he may be more focused though, Whiplash has lost none of his killer instinct, having spent most of 2015 battling the NAK, often single-handedly, and living to tell the tale. As sadistic as ever, and willing to tear through his oldest rival on the road to the top, can Whiplash add another point to the scoreboard on December 20th?

Since joining The Black Label, Jack Jester has been a very different man to the one that fans are used to. Now a selfish, greedy individual, Jester cares only for the members of The Black Label, and will do anything to keep them at the top of the food-chain in ICW. As he goes head-to-head with Mikey Whiplash on December 20th, Jester will have to unlock a part of himself that we have not seen in a long time, and be more blood-thirsty and sadistic than ever. No-one knows the punishment that Mikey Whiplash can dish out better than Jack Jester, and when these two men in the middle of the ring this Sunday, it may just be enough to unleash 'The Hardcore Icon' from inside the mind of 'Big Kink'.

One of ICW's oldest rivalries writes one more chapter, as two of ICW's most violent competitors do battle one more time, on December 20th. Will Mikey Whiplash be able to overcome Jester and the ever-present threat of the Black Label, or will Jester show that he is as dangerous as ever, and take out 'The Necromancer'?

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