By Neil Murray

The roof was almost blown off The Garage this past Sunday, as Mikey Whiplash wrestled the ICW Heavyweight Title from Red Lightning.

The 32-year-old sealed the championship with a sensational DDT despite Red's dirty tactics at Reservoir Dogs, and sent the fans into delirium.

Whiplash has come a long way in his two years in the promotion, and landed the championship in his very first shot at the title.

Mikey has had a magnificent year so far, firstly winning the Square Go in January before having arguably the best match of 2013 so far against Robbie Dynamite last month. However, it all culminated last night with his title triumph which is a well-earned one for a wrestler at the very top of his game.

Whiplash is only the fifth ICW Champion in the company's history following on from Drew Galloway, James Scott, BT Gunn and Red Lightning.