Mikey Whiplash VS BT Gunn - Falls Count Anywhere
By Scott Reid
Posted On 11-05-2015 17:45 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Mikey Whiplash

Mikey Whiplash. BT Gunn. Two names synonymous with chaos in Insane Championship Wrestling. One represents the three-headed snake that is Legion, while the other stands alongside the reborn New Age Kliq. Two of the most twisted minds to ever step foot inside the Insane Championship Wrestling ring, BT and Mikey are in a league all their own, and at ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 1 – Raiders Of The Lost Ark, they will write another chapter in their months long campaign to destroy one and other, as they go head-to-head in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Since becoming a target of BT Gunn, we have seen Mikey Whiplash unleash the demon from within himself, and return to the almost homicidal persona that he let loose on ICW upon his arrival in the company. Seemingly caring little for his opponents, or his own well-being, Mikey has, in the past few months, competed in some of the most intense matches that we have ever seen him in, throwing caution to the wind each and every time he steps through the ropes. Shedding his finely-tuned grapping skills in favour of a more barbaric approach to competition, Whiplash has become almost obsessed with taking out BT Gunn recently, refusing to crumble under the weight of The Oddity’s mind games and relentless abuse, and coming back from absolutely everything that BT and the New Age Kliq can throw at him, no matter what effect it has on his body. As he steps into a Falls Count Anywhere match, Mikey will surely be aware that BT Gunn will do almost anything to achieve victory, but how can BT Gunn stop a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Quit’? Mikey Whiplash has long been touted as one of the most dangerous men in ICW, but he has never been hunted like this before. They say an animal is at its most dangerous when it is backed into a corner, and if that’s true, there may be stopping the rage of Mikey Whiplash.

If there is one man who is truly at home in a Falls Count Anywhere match however, it is BT Gunn. While BT is one of the most talented wrestlers that the UK has ever produced, his descent into madness has seen him become a vicious and ruthless opponent, willing to inflict unnatural amounts of punishment on an opponent, with absolutely no remorse. While we still haven’t heard a reason for BT’s targeting of Whiplash, it’s clear that The Oddity does not want to make the painted warrior ‘Open His Eyes’. All he wants to put Whiplash out of commission, and cement himself as the true face of terror in ICW. On May 31st at the Garage, BT will have the opportunity to punish Mikey in any way he sees fit, anywhere in the building, all in the name of taking his opponent out for good. With a mind as dark as they come, and with the ever-looming threat of the New Age Kliq behind him, can BT Gunn finish what he started at Barramania, and take Mikey Whiplash out of ICW?

Two of the most sadistic forces in Insane Championship Wrestling collide in a match which could see them tear the Garage, and each apart, in the quest for victory? Will Mikey Whiplash be able to even the score after the assault from BT Gunn in London? Or will The Oddity once again make Whiplash suffer inhuman levels of punishment?

ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 1 – Raiders Of The Lost Ark takes place at the Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, May 31st. Tickets available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com

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