The Wee Man VS Coach Trip
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-02-2017 01:30 GMT
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This Sunday, 12th February, at the Garage in Glasgow, fans will witness an extremely unusual contest, as The Wee Man goes one-on-one with Coach Trip in a battle of the managers!

With their respective charges, Davey Blaze & DCT, at each others throats over the past few months, The Wee Man & Coach Trip have taken shots at one and other in a verbal war, but this Sunday, they will go head to head in a sanctioned match at ICW Fight Club, but will it be the most succesful manager in British Wrestling, or the Alex Ferguson of Pro-Wrestling who comes away as the victor?

While Coach Trip may be known nowadays as the fun, charismatic and loving manager of DCT, it cannot be forgotten that he himself was once an extremely successful in-ring competitor, who won titles all across the country. Responsible for the training of some of the country's current top stars, Coach Trip's influence on ICW runs much deeper than many fans will ever truly be aware of. This Sunday, he steps into the ring as a competitor one more time to face The Wee Man. As the more experienced and stronger competitor, will Coach Trip demolish Wee Man, and remind everyone what he is capable of?

Unlike his opponent this Sunday, The Wee Man's in-ring credentials are limited. Known for his poison tongue rather than his physical attributes, The Wee Man prefers to stay ringside, barking out orders to those under his tutelage, namely Davey Blaze and The New Nation, and in that respect, he has been hugely successful. Having managed two former Zero-G Champions, as well as the legendary former Tag Team Champions The Bucky Boys, Wee Man's brains are definitely not be to disputed. While he may have an undefeated record in singles competition (after controversially defeating Joe Hendry a few months ago), The Wee Man is stepping into a fight that he may not be able to win on his own. With Coach Trip out to shut him up for good, will The Wee Man have a plan up his sleeve to help him achieve the victory?

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