The Ultimate Alliance?
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-07-2015 22:37 GMT
Tags: Drew Galloway , Jack Jester , Red Lightning

The main event of ICW: Shug's Hoose Party II was a match over 3 months in the making. Overcoming every obstacle put in front of him, Big Damo finally found himself face-to-face with Drew Galloway, with the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. While the match itself was an epic that saw two of Insane Championship Wrestling's very best tear each other apart, it was the conclusion of this contest that left everyone in attendance speechless, as three of the most influential names in ICW forged a union that could change the very fabric of the company forever!

After appearing to have won the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, Big Damo's moment of glory was ruined by ICW General Manager Red Lightning, who stated that the match would continue, due to the deciding pinfall being counted by referee Sean Mclauglin, and not the originally assigned official Thomas Kearins, who had been knocked out-cold during the bout. As the match was re-started, the lights dropped in a scene not unlike that of the first Shug's Hoose Party, but standing in the ring this time was Jack Jester. Mirroring Drew Galloway's return exactly one year ago, Jester confronted the ICW World Heavyweight Champion, seemingly sending a message to his former friend that he was, by no means, done with him. What happened next however, stunned every single person in attendance.

Rather than come to blows with Galloway, Jester did the unthinkable, by delivering a low blow to Big Damo, allowing Drew to hit the Future Shock DDT for the win, to retain his title. Embracing in the ring, and confirming the rebuilding of their friendship, Jester and Galloway celebrated alongisde Red Lightning with bottles of champagne, over-joyed at the defence of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Many had believed for months that Red Lightning had made it his priority to protect Drew Galloway and his reign as ICW World Heavyweight Champion, and at Shug's Hoose Party II, this theory proved accurate, with three of ICW's most dominant and well-known champions of all time standing alongside one and other, on one of ICW's biggest stages of the year. 

No explanation has yet been given as to how or why Red Lightning has aligned himself with The Phenom and The Hardcore Icon, but one can only assume that the protection of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship is high on Red's list of priorities. As a General Manager who knows exactly what he wants for "His Show", Red will do whatever it takes to mould ICW to his own vision, and with Drew and Jester in his corner, there may be no-one who can stop him. If a competitor like Big Damo can fall victim to the might of this new force, will anyone ever be able to get a fair shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship?

Until we hear an explanation for this new alliance, we can only speculate on their motivations, but one thing is for sure; Insane Championship Wrestling will never be the same again!

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