The Toal Family VS Polo Promotions
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-12-2015 20:38 GMT
Tags: Dickie Divers , Jackie Polo , Lou King Sharp , Mark Coffey

As 2015 came to a close, ICW fans were left stunned, as Polo Promotions, the longest reigning ICW Tag Team Champions in history, finally lost their titles, under controversial circumstances, to Kid Fite and Sha Samuels of The 55. In a moment that no-one could have seen coming, Polo Promotions record-setting reign was at an end, with Mark and Jackie left devastated by the loss. On January 3rd however, Polo Promotions look to get back on the road to glory, as they take on The Toal Family’s Dickie Divers and Lou King Sharp.

No-one remains a champion for 413 without a good reason, and in the case of Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo, it was their unmatched chemistry and talent that kept them at the top of the Tag Team division for so long. A well-oiled wrestling machine, Polo Promotions are an extremely skilled and versatile team who can methodically take apart opponents, or brawl with the best of them. With Coach Trip and DCT by their side, Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo will need to re-think their strategy if they hope to climb the ladder, and reclaim the ICW Tag Team Championships once again. Can Polo Promotions use their past experiences to fight their way back, and become ICW Tag Team Champions for a second time?

Looking to earn their spot in the ICW Tag Team Division, The Toal Family’s Dickie Divers and Lou King Sharp come together for the first time on January 3rd, and they aren’t coming to the Garage to be pushed around. Having acquired the services of ICW’s resident problem solver Chris Toal, Divers and Lou King Sharp are looking to breathe some fresh air into their ICW careers by pursuing the ICW Tag Team Championships. With the speed and high-flying skill of both men, plus Dickie Divers experience as a multiple-time ICW Tag Team Champion, could The Toal Family get their alliance off to a great start by defeating the former champs?

With both teams looking to gain some momentum, and come one step closer to the ICW Tag Team Championships, will it be Polo Promotions or The Toal Family who leave victorious, this Sunday at the Garage in Glasgow?

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