ICW World Heavyweight Championship 4 Way TLC
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-02-2016 13:34 GMT
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Earlier this month, ICW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Renfrew shocked the world when he proclaimed himself to be a ‘Mark Dallas Guy’, siding with the ICW founder in his ongoing power struggle against Majority Owner Red Lightning. While many fans are overjoyed at seeing Dallas and Renfrew reunited once again however, the champ may have dug himself into a hole that could end his title reign just as quickly as it started.

By order of Red Lightning, this Sunday, February 21st, at the Garage in Glasgow, Chris Renfrew will put the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the 3 men he calls family; BT Gunn, Wolfgang & Stevie Boy. The New Age Kliq will collide this Sunday with the richest prize in British Wrestling on the line, and to make matters worse, it will all take place in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match!

The odds may be stacked against Chris Renfrew this Sunday, but the defending champion has made a career out of battling in the most barbaric environments possible, and this Sunday, a wild and unpredictable TLC match may be just what he needs to kick himself into high gear, and overcome 3 of the most talented competitors in ICW history. With an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, Chris Renfrew’s twisted imagination will be free to run wild, as he does everything in his power to defend his beloved title. The question is however, as violent and merciless as Renfrew can be, will he be able to go to that sick and demented place in his mind when he is confronted by his 3 brothers-in-arms?

In a contest such as a TLC match, high risk often means high reward, and for that reason, Sunday night could very well be BT Gunn’s time to shine. Known for being almost fearless in the ring, BT Gunn is a daredevil who will gladly put his body on the line to put his opponents, and pick up the victory, and with the ICW World Heavyweight Champion hanging in the balance, the 2015 ‘Insane Wrestler of the Year’ may just go that little bit more insane to leave with the gold. Not only will BT catapult himself to the top of the food chain if he can capture the title Sunday, but he will also earn the distinction of becoming the first-ever 3-time ICW World Heavyweight Champion. With such an accolade only a fingertips reach away from him, will ‘The Oddity’ thrive in the chaos, and reign supreme?

While there have only been a handful of matches in ICW that utilise a ladder, one man who has been in almost all of them is Stevie Boy. An innovator of ladder-based matches in ICW, Stevie is a high-flyer who knows exactly what it takes to succeed in such an environment. Having been often touted as one of the standout performers in ICW, Stevie has already won the ICW Tag Team and Zero-G Championships in his career, but this Sunday, he has the opportunity to become not only the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but also the first ever ICW Grand Slam Champion. Winning such a title would surely place Stevie Boy in the bracket as one of the greatest ICW competitors of all time, but will he be able to use his past experience in Ladder matches to pick up this monumental victory?

Unlike his 3 friends and opponents in this match, Wolfgang has inadvertently been thrown a unique opportunity this Sunday. While still in possession of the 2016 Square Go contract, which allows a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing, Wolfgang now has the chance to become the champ without ever having to cash in his contract. Despite having won the ICW Zero-G Champion in the past, Wolfgang has yet been unable to capture the richest prize in British Wrestling, but this Sunday, ‘The Regulator’ could finally do what so many have claimed is his destiny, by winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. With the title around his waist, and the 2016 Square Go contract still in his possession, could Wolfgang quickly become the single most influential competitor in all of ICW?

4 brothers-in-arms will go to war this Sunday for the richest prize in British Wrestling, but only one can climb the ladder and retrieve the gold. When the dust settles though, will it be Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Wolfgang or Stevie Boy who stand victorious, and furthermore, will the New Age Kliq still be the same after going through this type of hell together? Be there this Sunday to find out!

Tickets for this event, taking place this Sunday, February 21st, at the Garage in Glasgow, are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com

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