The End Of Carmel?
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-04-2015 22:05 GMT
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When it comes to gender equality, few pro wrestling companies are like Insane Championship Wrestling. Owner Mark Dallas has always maintained that females are every bit as important to the success of his promotion as males, with no exceptions. By that same token, the women of ICW are expected to prove themselves the exact same way as their masculine counterparts, by showing guts, determination and sheer initiative.

There is no one woman who exhibits these qualities any more than Carmel Jacob. One of the original leading lights for the fairer sex in ICW, Carmel has been lauded for her efforts over the years by the entire fan base, who recognise the passion Carmel has for her trade. Inside the ring, the vicious vixen of the ICW locker room has shown every trait that Dallas responds to, and then some.

It's fairly difficult to accurately sum up exactly what Carmel means to the women of ICW without coming across as gushing in praise, she's simply a cornerstone of the female representation in the company. Along with Kay Lee Ray, Carmel has redefined what it means to be a female wrestler, not only in her native Scotland, but also in the UK and abroad.

There are no 'Divas' in ICW, and Carmel is a perfect example of that. Would any 'Diva' have the stomach to compete against Kay Lee Ray in the first ever Women's Deathmatch? Carmel did, and it made for one of the most memorable bouts in ICW history. The event was ICW's Fear & Loathing IV, taking place in the confines of the old Apollo 23 venue in Glasgow, and the lucky fans in attendance will never forget what they witnessed.

Throwing caution to the wind, both Carmel and Ray pieced together a brutal slice of action which was the envy of absolutely everybody. Carmel would lose the match, but her profile was raised, simply by association with such a special match. From there, the 'Pipebomb Princess' would later associate with her real-life lover, Liam Thomson.

Together, Thomson and Carmel were a match made in heaven, but more like a match made in hell for their rivals, who suffered the extreme wrath of the incendiary couple. As united as two people could be, the duo would eventually become engaged, and even though they've never been especially popular folks in ICW, both fans and peers alike wished them all the happiness in the world.

Out of nowhere, after Carmel had lost a 'Loser Leaves ICW' match against Layla Rose at ICW: Barramania - in the hallowed halls of the infamous Barrowlands Ballroom - Liam Thomson showed his true colours. Initially, it seemed like ICW's resident 'Bad Boy' was coming out to console his bride-to-be, ensuring her health and safety, knowing she must surely be distraught.

Adding insult to injury, the cold-hearted competitor decked his fiancee, tearing the engagement ring from his finger and telling Carmel that if she couldn't even stay in ICW, she was pathetic and no use to him. Everyone inside the building, both those around ringside and peers behind the curtain, were stunned by this development.

It's sad that the career of such a fantastic wrestler and strong woman has ended this way, but Carmel must now honour the stipulation of the Barramania match, and leave ICW. Not only have her dreams been flushed down the toilet, but her fledgling marriage to the man she loved has been thrown back in her face.

Losing both her career and love life in one fell swoop, God only knows the kind of pain Carmel is going through. Maybe someday, ICW fans will get answers from Thomson as to why he did what he did, stabbing his lover in the back, but for now only one thing is certain, it's time for the next chapter in Carmel Jacob's life.

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