Nikki Storm VS Sammii Jayne - Loser Leaves Town
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-03-2016 16:04 GMT
Tags: Nikki Storm , Sammii Jayne

One of the biggest nights on ICW’s 2016 calendar, Barramania 2, on Sunday April 3rd, at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, will be an event stacked with the top stars in ICW. For one competitor though, it will be their very last night in the company, as ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm and her former protégé Sammii Jayne look to settle their issues once and for all, in a Loser Leaves Town match!

Over 1 year ago, the world-travelled Nikki Storm faced off against the debuting Sammii Jayne in Dundee, with the young competitor impressing the self-proclaimed ‘Best In the Galaxy’. Offering to guide and mentor Sammii, Nikki proposed that Jayne become her intern. Accepting the position enthusiastically, Sammii would go on to learn from one of the very best that Scotland has ever produced, but it was not without a price. Being forced to suffer the often uncontrollable rage and taunting of Nikki Storm, Sammii Jayne was belittled time and time again, but eventually, everyone has their tipping point. After Nikki crossed the line by bad-mouthing Sammii’s son in front of the entire ICW crowd, the young star finally snapped, attacking her former mentor, and sending her running for the hills. With these two competitors now barely able to exist in the same building together, a match between the two is now set for Barramania 2, with the loser being forced to leave Insane Championship Wrestling forever. With so much on the line, will ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm or Sammii Jayne be saying farewell to their ICW career?

Undoubtedly one of the very best in-ring performers that Scotland has ever produced, Nikki Storm is one of the most sought after free agents in the world today. Having competed all over the planet, ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ has finely-tuned her in-ring skills by competing against some of the best that the world of Professional Wrestling has to offer, racking up multiple titles in the process. As devious as she is talented, One of Nikki’s most effective skills is ability to break down her opponents, and capitalise on the slightest break in the defence. With years of experience over her former protégé, will Nikki Storm put a stop to Sammii Jayne’s ICW career before it even has time to flourish?

While she may be young in her career, we have already seen some very promising things from Sammii Jayne. Hard-hitting and aggressive in the ring, Sammii has natural talent for competing in the squared circle, and that skill has only been sharpened during her time studying at the feet of Nikki Storm. Now determined to not only keep her place on the ICW roster, but also to shut up the venomous mouth of Nikki Storm for the months of abuse, Sammii must utilise everything she has learned in the past year to finally get her redemption, and defeat ‘The Best In The Galaxy’. In her biggest match to date, could Sammii Jayne pull off a miracle, and send Nikki Storm packing from Insane Championship Wrestling?

Barramania 2 takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday April 3rd. Tickets are available now at, and

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