Stevie Boy VS Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-06-2017 13:02 GMT
Tags: Mikey Whiplash , Stevie Boy

On Saturday 29th July at the o2 ABC in Glasgow, on Night 1 of Shug's Hoose Party, two of the very best in the country will finally meet face-to-face, when the Leader of The Filthy Generation Stevie Boy goes one-on-one with 'The Necromancer' Mikey Whiplash!

Returning to Insane Championship Wrestling at Barramania III after a lengthy absence, Mikey Whiplash would make an instant impact by bursting through the ring, dragging Chris Renfrew to a then-unknown fate, and coming face to face with Stevie Boy. Proclaiming that he has returned to help Stevie be the best that he can be, Whiplash would later unveil the newest member of Legion; a physically transformed Chris Renfrew! Playing mind games with the leader of The Filthy Generation at every turn, Whiplash has well and truly gotten himself into the mind of Stevie Boy, and at Shug's Hoose Party 4, he promises to unleash all manner of pain and misery on Stevie, to unlock the young high-flyer's full potential!

A trendsetter in Insane Championship Wrestling, Stevie Boy was once the golden boy of the ICW Tag Team Division, but his path has taken a dark and twisted turn in the past 12 months, with the young star stepping out on his own to lead The Filthy Generation. Selfish, violent, and determined to make it to the top of the mountain in ICW, Stevie may not do things by the book, but there is no denying that incredible talent that he possesses. With Stevie Boy seemingly ready to take that next step into the main event picture in ICW, can he kick the door down by defeating the demented former ICW Heavyweight Champion at Shug's Hoose Party 4?

Very few things are certain when it comes to Mikey Whiplash, but one thing that no-one can argue is just how dangerous he can be. One of the single greatest wrestling talents that the UK has ever produced, Mikey Whiplash also possesses a power and control over others that unsettles even the toughest competitors. Able to break down the walls of some of the most hardened wrestlers, Mikey Whiplash plays mind games like few others can, and has recently shown his power by taking control of his former blood rival Chris Renfrew. While he claims he is only trying to help Stevie Boy, one can only imagine the methods that Whiplash will employ to get his message through to the young star when they meet on Saturday 29th July.

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