Six Way Zero-G Championship Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-04-2015 18:23 GMT
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The ICW Zero-G Championship has become one of the most coveted titles in British wrestling today, and that point could not be more evident as it will be this Sunday, at the KOKO in London, as six different competitors’ battle for the right to leave with the gold around their waist. At ICW: Alex Kidd in London, the ICW Zero-G Championship will be up for grabs in, what could be, one of the most exciting matches you’ll see anywhere this year!

After his shocking victory over then-champion Kenny Williams, new ICW Zero-G Champion ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope put out a challenge to the world, offering anyone a shot at his new title at ICW: Alex Kidd in London, on Sunday April 19th. What Hope may not have expected, however, is that 5 different men would answer the call,  giving ICW management no choice but to book a Six-Way Scramble match for the ICW Zero-G Championship.

Looking to reclaim his lost gold, former title-holder Kenny Williams makes his way to London this Sunday, and he is not prepared to leave without the strap firmly around his waist once again. Having previously held the title for over 200 days, Kenny is no stranger to the Zero-G division, and knows exactly what it takes to become the Champion. Could he become a 2-time ICW Zero-G Champion this Sunday?

Another man looking to win the coveted title this Sunday however is Williams’ mentor, and member of The 55, Kid Fite. Violent, short-tempered and experienced as anyone on the ICW roster, Kid Fite has competed against some of the best in the world, but has yet to claim championship gold in ICW. With the support of The 55 now behind him, and his nastier side let loose on ICW, Kid Fite may now be in a prime position to take the ICW Zero-G Championship for his own, and there may be nothing that anyone can do about it.

Someone who may have a problem with that however, is Fite’s former Fight Club partner, Liam Thomson. Without a doubt, one of the finest wrestlers that ICW has to offer, Liam has recently shown a more ruthless side than ever before, after he shockingly turned his back on his fiancée Carmel Jacob at Barramania. No-one has ever denied Liam’s talent, but with his true colours shown, and his determination to become his own dominant entity in ICW, Liam Thomson could very well sky-rocket to the top of the ICW Zero-G division this Sunday.

Or could we see the ICW Zero-G Championship leave London in Stevie Boy’s possession? The high flying Bucky Boy has competed for the ICW Zero-G championship on a number of occasions, but never in his career has Stevie looked as impressive as he has recently. Performing better than ever alongside Davey Boy, and recently picking up a singles win over Mark Coffey at Barramania, ‘Jeremy Kyle’s Worst Fucking Nightmare’ is on a roll right now, and winning the ICW Zero-G Championship in London would the perfect way to cement this young star as a top singles competitor.

The final challenger in this match though, is a man who many ICW fans know very little about, but he brings with him a very impressive resume, and a reputation that suggests he may feel right at home in ICW. Paul Robinson is a young man who has been making quite a name for himself south of the border. Known as an extremely versatile young competitor, Robinson can fly through the air, before brawling with the best that this country has to offer. As a new opponent for most of the men he steps into the ring with this Sunday, could Paul Robinson shock everyone by winning the ICW Zero-G Championship in his debut match?

No matter what, ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope will have his work cut out for him as he defends the ICW-Zero-G Championship for the first time this Sunday at the KOKO in London. While his victory in Liverpool may have been shocking though, Hope has proven up and down the country that he has what it takes to defend championships, and compete with the best of them. This Sunday, at ICW: Alex Kidd In London, Tasslemania will certainly be running wild!

ICW: Alex Kidd In London takes place this Sunday, April 19th, at the KOKO in London. Tickets are available at and

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