Sha Samuels VS Kid Fite - Falls Count Anywhere
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-12-2016 15:15 GMT
Tags: Kid Fite , Sha Samuels

This Sunday at The Garage in Glasgow, two of the most violent brawlers to ever step into the ICW ring will battle it out, when ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels takes on ‘The Demolition Man’ Kid Fite! Former ICW Tag Team Champions together, the relationship between these two men has massively soured in the past few months, leading to into a seemingly endless battle that has seen them fight from one end of the country to the other. With the ICW ring barely able to contain them, this Sunday they will face off one more time in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Be it the ring, the Garage dancefloor, or the streets of Glasgow, Sha & Kid can take their war wherever they please, and will no doubt tear each other apart in the process!

After months of teaming together as The 55, cracks began to show in the relationship between Kid Fite & Sha Samuels, but it was not until Shug’s Hoose Party III that their friendship fell apart completely. Having had enough of Red Lightning & The Black Label, Sha Samuels joined Team Dallas to defend ICW alongside Grado & Noam Dar, but this decision did not sit well with Kid Fite. Branding Samuels a traitor, Kid Fite has spent the past few months making the East End Butcher’s life a misery, attacking him at any given opportunity, all the while taking great joy in his former partner’s pain. After battling all around the venue at the last Fight Club tapings, Sha and Kid could not be controlled by ICW officials and security, leading to Samuels throwing out the challenge to his former cohort. On December 11th, they would face off in a match that is tailor made for their violent tendencies; a Falls Count Anywhere Match. With no rules, no restrictions and no excuses, Sha Samuels & Kid Fite can take their fight all around the city if they like, in attempt to final put their bad blood to rest once and for all. Falls Count Anywhere matches are known for being extremely intense contests, but with two hard-as-nails competitors like Kid Fite & Sha Samuels in this match, god only knows what will happen!

One of the most unorthodox competitors that ICW has ever seen, there’s nothing flashy about Sha Samuels. While others may utilise a martial arts background or a high flying arsenal to defeat their opponents, Sha Samuels throws the blueprint of the modern day professional wrestler right out the window, and delivers with sheer blunt force trauma. Graduating from the streets of East London to the ICW ring, Sha is a rough and ready competitor who bludgeons his opponents with devastating punches and ferocious power. Always raring for a fight, it doesn’t take much to get on Sha’s bad side, but after months of attacking the East End Butcher, Kid Fite will surely feel the full extent of Sha Samuels’ fury this Sunday. Whether it’s on the streets of London, or on the streets of Glasgow, Sha can brawl with the best of them, and he plans on leaving Kid Fite in a broken heap this Sunday.

An ICW original who has competed all across the world, there are few men more dangerous than Kid Fite. Having racked up gold almost everywhere he has been in his career, Kid Fite has the credentials and the experience to go up against the best that the professional wrestling industry has to offer.  While he may be an exceptional in-ring technician however, there is nothing Kid Fite loves more than a good old-fashioned fight. While many would run in fear at the prospect of facing a man like Sha Samuels in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Kid Fite welcomes this unpredictable environment. With no limits to what these men can do to one and other this Sunday, Kid Fite will do everything in his power to make sure that Sha Samuels pays for turning his back on him, even if it means using every weapon at his disposal to keep the big man down permanently.

This is a match you cannot afford to miss, as ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels takes on ‘The Demolition Man’ Kid Fite in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Tickets for this Sunday’s show are on sale now at, and!

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