Sha Samuels VS Kid Fite - Barras Street Fight
By Scott Reid
Posted On 22-02-2017 16:45 GMT
Tags: Kid Fite , Sha Samuels

The long-standing rivalry between former tag team partners Sha Samuels & Kid Fite has reached boiling point in recent weeks, with both men brutally attacking one and other at any given opportunity. With tensions running too high for the ICW ring to contain, these two violent brawlers will finally settle the score on Sunday 16th April, when they compete in the first ever Barras Street Fight. With no rules and no limitations, Sha & Kid can take the fight wherever they like, but there must be a winner!

After dominating the ICW tag team division as the ICW Tag Team Champions, the team known as The 55 were torn apart when Sha Samuels turned his back on The Black Label to side with The Pinky Party. When he made this decision, he clearly didn't take his tag partners thoughts into consideration, and if there's one thing you don't want to do, it's piss off Kid Fite. Betrayed and enraged, Kid Fite has made it his mission to torment Sha at every chance, but on April 16th, it all comes to an end. One man will be crowned the victor, but will it be The East-End Butcher or The Demolition Man of ICW?

One of the longest standing members of the ICW roster, Kid Fite is a violent, malicious brawler who will do whatever it takes to win, especially when he has nothing but contempt for his opponent. A measuring stick for what it takes to survive in ICW, Kid Fite is as tough as they come, and backs down from absolutely no-one. Thriving in the most barabaric of settings, Kid Fite will be more than comfortable in a Barras Street Fight on April 16th. Will the home-field advantage come into play, if and when Kid Fite takes Sha Samuels to the streets of his home city?

Unorthodox and relentless in his assaults, there's nothing flashy about Sha Samuels. Just as comfortable in a bar fight as he is in a wrestling ring, Sha is as rough as they come, and on April 16th he finally gets his hands on Kid Fite, in a match that the East-End Butcher personally requested. Identifying Glasgow as his second home, Sha has become enchanted by the city, and will take Kid Fite on a tour of the east-end streets at Barramania III when he meets his nemesis for the final time. Can Sha put the final nail in the coffin of The 55, and finish Kid Fite once and for all?

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