Trent Seven VS Wolfgang
By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-06-2016 15:36 GMT
Tags: Trent Seven , Wolfgang

This Sunday, June 19th, at The Garage in Glasgow, two of the most physical, hard-hitting competitors on the entire ICW roster will collide for the very first time, as 'The Regulator' Wolfgang takes on 'The Man Without Fear' Trent Seven!

Despite having only been on the ICW roster for a little over a year, Trent Seven has quickly become one of the most popular competitors in the entire company. Known for his brutal strikes, and his ability to absorb inhuman amounts of punishment, Trent is a man who knows no fear, and will take on anyone, anywhere, at any time. Having narrowly missed out on his opportunity at the ICW Tag Team Championships, thanks to interference from a group of masked figures, Trent will not be in a good mood heading into The Garage this Sunday, and anyone unlucky enough to get in his way will surely feel the effects of British Strong Style!

The 2016 Square Go contract holder, Wolfgang, has been a man on the warpath in recent months. Having left the New Age Kliq behind, Wolfgang has aligned himself with The Black Label, dishing out punishment to anyone who opposes Red Lightning or his associates. While he waits for his moment to cash in his opportunity for an ICW World Heavyweight Championship match, Wolfgang will be looking to make an example of anyone who gets in his way, and this Sunday, that unlucky soul is Trent Seven. Trent may be known for surviving extremely brutal matches, but will Wolfgang be too much for the man from Moustache Mountain?

Don't miss this first-time encounter, as Wolfgang takes on Trent Seven!

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