Sha Samuels VS Trent Seven
By Jeffrey Berry
Posted On 04-05-2017 13:42 GMT
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Trent Seven and Sha Samuels are extremely different in their natures and personas. Trent Seven is a true gentleman of the sport, he is polite, well mannered and soft spoken. Sha Samuels, on the other hand is, for lack of a better term, a lager lout. The foul mouth brash cockney is admittedly a thug from the East End of London and proud of it.

Both of these men, though very different, share at least one thing in common; Barramania 3 was one of the worst evenings of their lives. 
Trent Seven lost his most treasured possession, the one thing he held more close to his heart than anything else, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. After a two month reign that saw Trent put the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on the line any time he stepped through those ropes, he was beaten by Joe Coffey in a gruelling contest. What will probably sit with Trent the most is the fact he was forced to submit and give up the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in front of the passionate fans in Glasgow. There is no shame in submitting, especially to a hold as painful as Joe Coffey's 'No Mercy' Boston Crab, but Trent had no choice but to tap or risk permanently injuring his back. He needed to live to fight another day as the saying goes. This loss broke the heart of Trent Seven, who loved nothing more than representing ICW as their champion.

On the subject of heartbreak, Sha Samuels lost what he holds most dear to him in this world on that same night; his best friend. Grado stunned everyone when attacked his then-best friend Sha, and aligned himself with Red Lightning. It seems Grado thinks he is above the likes of Sha, and that the East End Butcher was merely hanging onto his coat tails. Sha Samuels was betrayed in front of the world by a man he could well have considered a brother.

Saturday 13th May at the Tramshed in Cardiff, these men are scheduled to face off for the very first time in an ICW ring and, considering all of dynamics involved, this makes for a very interesting contest. Sha Samuels has stated that the upcoming ICW tour weekend will be his final weekend with ICW, opting to step away for personal reasons, so of course Sha will want to go out with a bang, claiming the scalp of the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion. As for Trent, he wants nothing more than to get back on track to regaining the ICW World Heavyweight Champion, but to do that, he will need to fight his way through the very best that ICW to offer.

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