Chris Renfrew VS Wolfgang
By Scott Reid
Posted On 01-03-2016 00:37 GMT
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The implosion of the New Age Kliq was a moment that many fans thought they would never see, but only a few weeks ago, it happened in front of their very eyes, when Wolfgang and Stevie Boy brutally attacked Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn, aligning themselves with The Black Label in the process. Now, with revenge on their minds, Renfrew and BT are gunning for their former brothers-in-arms, and this Sunday, March 6th, at The Garage in Glasgow, Renfrew gets his hands on the man who currently holds the 2016 Square Go contract, Wolfgang!

Some people believe that a man is at his most dangerous when he has nothing left to lose, and if that is true, then the most dangerous man in ICW right now could very well be Chris Renfrew. On top of the mountain only 1 month ago, Renfrew’s world has been turned upside in the last few weeks, with his former friends turning their backs on him, before going on to lose the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in Belfast. Already a highly unpredictable individual, Renfrew is surely in a worse mood than ever before, and he is aiming all of his hatred and animosity in Wolfgang’s direction. An extremely passionate and loyal friend to those he holds dearest, who has been betrayed by someone he called ‘brother’, will Renfrew be to control his more destructive urges when he faces Wolfgang this Sunday, or is he simply looking to inflict as much pain as humanly possible on his former friend?

Renfrew may be a tough individual, but in a fight that may spiral out of control very quickly, is there anyone more suited to that environment than Wolfgang. A human wrecking-machine who has competed in some of ICW’s wildest, most chaotic matches, Wolfgang thrives in extreme situations, as shown this year, when he finally won the Square Go match by out-lasting 29 other competitors. Still holding the record for most all-time Square Go eliminations, Wolfgang is nigh-on unstoppable when he gets some momentum behind himself, and this Sunday, he looks to bulldoze his way through Chris Renfrew. Having turned his back on the New Age Kliq in the most impactful way possible, Wolfgang looked to send a message to Renfrew that he would no longer stand on the side-lines, and when these two men meet in The Garage, he will be looking to put an exclamation mark on that statement by scoring the win over the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion!

These two former New Age Kliq brothers square off in a match fuelled by sheer hatred, but when the dust has settled, will Chris Renfrew stand over his opponent’s broken body, satisfied with his revenge, or will Wolfgang simply add Renfrew’s name to his ever-growing list of victims, as he bides his time, waiting for his moment to strike and take the ICW World Heavyweight Championship?

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