Chris Renfrew VS Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 26-01-2016 18:19 GMT
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This Sunday, January 31st at the Garage in Glasgow, ICW hosts its 100th show, and on such a monumental night, only a main event of epic proportions would suffice. With the ICW World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance, newly crowned title-holder Chris Renfrew will make his first defence against a man he knows very well indeed, Mikey Whiplash!

Initially announced as a one-on-one contest between these long-time enemies, Renfrew’s recent acquisition of the ICW World Heavyweight Champion means that the gold will now be up for grabs this Sunday, but can the ‘Sultan of Silent Hill’ make his first defence a successful one, or will Mikey Whiplash cut his dream short in order to become a 2-time ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

Two of the most sadistic competitors to ever step foot inside an ICW ring, Renfrew and Whiplash thrive in chaos, as was seen on multiple occasions during the months-long war between Legion and The New Age Kliq. While a reluctant truce may have been made between the two sides, you can be sure that there is no love lost between them, and on January 31st, we could see one more brutal chapter written in their tale.

Having fought for years to achieve the richest prize in British Wrestling, Chris Renfrew finally became ICW World Heavyweight Champion only a few nights ago, at the Fifth Annual Square Go, when he defeated Grado in a one-on-one encounter. Now with the gold in his grasp, Renfrew will do everything in his power to hold onto it, and with a sick imagination like Chris Renfrew’s, he may go to more extreme lengths than ever before to pick up the win on January 31st. Ruthless, violent, and always with a plan up his sleeve, Chris Renfrew is at the top of the ladder, and he won’t get down without one hell of a fight!

One man who knows what it takes to overcome the odds, and become ICW World Heavyweight Champion, however, is the painted warrior of Legion, Mikey Whiplash. Having claimed the title once already in his career, while severely injured no less, Whiplash has shown time and again that he is capable of things no normal man could comprehend doing, which begs the question; How do you defeat a man who refuses to be beaten? With the ultimate prize in ICW now around the waist of one of his most hated enemies, could this be the motivation that Whiplash needs to claim the victory, and become a 2-time ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

A history written in blood will awaken one more time in the ICW ring on January 31st at the Garage, but will it be Chris Renfrew or Mikey Whiplash who walk out with the gold? Or will either even be able to walk out at all?

Tickets for ICW’s 100th show, this Sunday 31st January, at the Garage in Glasgow, are available now at and!

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