Chris Renfrew VS Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 04-10-2015 23:23 GMT
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In the wild world of Insane Championship Wrestling, there are many different types of competitors that step between the ropes. There are terrifying heavyweights who destroy opponents with sheer brute strength, and there are high-flyers who uses speed and skill to there advantage, but then there are those who are just outside the realsm of sanity. Those whose warped and dangerous minds make them feared throughout the country, and at ICW: The Lorraine Kelly Experience, at Fat Sam's in Dundee on October 8th, two of the sickest men in ICW history compete in a one-on-one contest for the very first time, anywhere. Finally, it's going to be Chris Renfrew vs Mikey Whiplash!

While these two men have been scheduled to go to war before in singles competition, fate has always stood in the way, but on October 8th, they will finally get the chance to tear each other apart, as the NAK/Legion saga writes another chapter.

One of the most twisted men in not only ICW, but British Wrestling as a whole, Chris Renfrew is one of the most unorthodox competitors on the scene today. Once the standard bearer for Insane Championship Wrestling, Renfrew now proudly fly's New Age Kliq colours, and over the last few months, has morphed into but a shadow of his former self. Letting the darkest parts of his imagination take over, Chris has truly become a force of chaos in ICW, and with his fury aimed at the members of Legion, whom he faces on November 15th inside a Steel Cage, Renfrew is determined to make Mikey Whiplash and his brothers in the Sumerian Death Squad wish they had never crossed paths with the New Age Kliq. As he makes his way to Dundee on October 8th, Renfrew will be well aware of the horrors that wait for him in this match, but Chris thrives in intense situations, and this match may be just what he needs to bring out an even darker side of his personality that he may need if he hopes to take down Legion.

If you ask anyone on the ICW roster who the most twisted competitor in the entire company is though, there's a good chance their answer will be Mikey Whiplash. Since day 1 in Insane Championship Wrestling, Mikey has forged a legacy of destruction that has seen him perform unspeakable acts of cruelty upon his opponents, with little to no regard for anyone who steps in front of him. While he may known around the world as one of the most gifted grapplers in modern wrestling, Whiplash has a dark side that few can even hope to understand, and when it is let loose, there is almost no-one who can contend with it. After suffering at the hands of the New Age Kliq for months, Whiplash soldiered on where many would back down, and laid out the Steel Cage challenge between Legion and The New Age Kliq for November 15th. As that match draws ever closer, Whiplash looks to get the early advantage over his opponents, and on October 8th, he wants to start with Chris Renfrew. Chris Renfrew is a truly insane opponent, but can even he contend with Legion's painted madman?

Two of the most violent ICW stars of all time finally square off on October 8th, but who will walk out of Fat Sam's with their arm raised? No matter who wins, this will surely be a match to remember!
ICW: The Lorraine Kelly Experience takes place at Fat Sam's in Dundee, on Thursday October 8th, as part of the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour. Tickets for this show, and all other tour events, are available at,, and!

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