Chris Renfrew VS Stevie Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-01-2017 01:14 GMT
Tags: Chris Renfrew , Stevie Boy

Some wounds never truly heal, and some acts can never be forgiven. In the case of Chris Renfrew & Stevie Boy, the hatred between these two men has not simmered in almost a year since Stevie violently turned his back on the New Age Kliq. Now, with The Black Label gone, and Renfrew able to focus on his own personal issues, he is coming for Stevie Boy on Sunday 15th January, when ICW returns to The Garage in Glasgow!

For this first time since the violent implosion of the New Age Kliq, Chris Renfrew will go one-on-one with Stevie Boy, but what will happen when one of the most sadistic competitors in ICW history takes on a man who many are calling ‘the MVP of 2016’?

If there is one thing Chris Renfrew is known for, its violence. Never one to waste his time looking flashy, Renfrew’s no-nonsense brawling style delivers punishment like few others can, but that is far from his defining trait. Above all, Chris Renfrew is loyal to those select few whom he keeps in his circle, and would do anything for them. When Stevie Boy shockingly turned his back on Renfrew, he may not have fully understood the gravity of what he was doing. With one thoughtless act, he has put a target on his back, and has one of ICW’s most dangerous competitors gunning for him. Now, with absolute focus on Stevie, Renfrew is looking to rain hell down on the leader of the Filthy Generation, and if he gets his way, that’s exactly what is going to happen on January 15th.

If fans were asked last January who they thought would be one of the most dominant stars of 2016, very few would have named Stevie Boy, but the leader of The Filthy Generation has made everyone pay attention in the last 12 months, and he is only getting started! After defeating BT Gunn at Fear & Loathing IX in a Casket match, and taking Wolfgang to the limit in a Match of the Year candidate for the ICW World Heavyweight Champion, the once quiet and reserved Stevie Boy has shown, without a shadow of a doubt, that he is ready for the main event. While most people would run in fear at the prospect of Chris Renfrew targeting them, Stevie is taking this challenge head on, in an attempt to prove once-and-for-all that he is better than New Age Kliq!

In what will surely be a heated and violent encounter, Chris Renfrew will finally get his hands on Stevie Boy in a one-on-one contest! Don’t miss out!

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