Chris Renfrew VS Jack Jester - Scottish World of Sport Rules Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 12-04-2016 17:13 GMT
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Two men who have become synonomous with Insane Championship Wrestling are Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester. Once allies, now bitter enemies, Renfrew and Jester have built their reputations on two things; Blood, and Booze. Not only known as two of the toughest brawlers that ICW has ever seen, both men are well-known as two of the company's hardest partiers. Now standing on opposite sides of the battlefield in the ICW/Black Label war, Chris Renfrew has thrown a challenge out to Jack Jester. One in which Renfrew seeks to find whether the 'old Jack Jester' still exists. The Jack Jester who caused more chaos than any other competitor in the early days of ICW.

For the first time in over 2 years, fans will be witness too a match never seen anywhere else in the world, as Chris Renfrew takes on Jack Jester in a Scottish World of Sport Rules Match! Taking place under much of the same rules as a classic World of Sport wrestling match, this contest will take place over 5 timed rounds, with the man who scores the most falls during that time being awarded the victory. However, in between each of those rounds, each competitor must take an as-yet-to-be-decided large alcoholic drink, and a shot. It's an insane match type that only two men have ever competed in before, but on April 24th, we will see it resurrected in the Garage, as Renfrew goes to war with Jester.

If there is one man who is prepared for this match more than anyone, it's Chris Renfrew. Having been part of the previous two Scottish World of Sport matches, Renfrew has more experience than almost anyone in this type of contest, and with the added bonus of getting to strike a blow to The Black Label hanging in the balance, Renfrew will no doubt be getting himself ready for this match right now! More than experienced in the most barbaric environments that ICW can muster up, Renfrew has no problem shedding his fair share of blood in a match as intense as this, but when you add alcohol to the mix, can he still compete at that level of violence that he is know for? Once known for coming to the ring with a few cans of beer in his hand, and with a few already having been finished, Renfrew is no stranger to competing while slightly under the influence. That man hasnt been seen in ICW for a long time though, so will Chris be able to tap into that side of himself once more on April 24th, and pick up the win?

While he may be more known for letting The Black Label's associates do his work for him nowadays, Jack Jester was once, to many, the undisputed king of debauchery in Insane Championship Wrestling. Dubbed 'The Hardcore Icon', the only thing Jester was more known for than fighting was drinking. Living the rock n' roll lifestyle 24/7, Jester's drinking stories became the stuff of legend, as did his violent battles in ICW against the likes of Jimmy Havoc, Iceman and BT Gunn. Nowadays, however, 'The Hardcore Icon' has rarely been seen, with Jester drastically changing his approach in the ring, leaving the chairs, barbed wire and blood behind him. Every man has his limit however, and with Chris Renfrew taunting him online, Jester has accepted the challenge to compete in the Scottish World of Sport Rules match on April 24th. Most fans known him as 'Big Kink' nowadays, but on Sunday, April 24th at The Garage, will the ICW crowd bear witness to a rare appearance from the Hardcore Icon?

This event takes place at The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, April 24th! Tickets are available now at,, and!

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