Chris Renfrew VS Grado
By Scott Reid
Posted On 29-12-2015 02:02 GMT
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Each year, The Square Go event sets the bar for what is to come in the 12 months that follow in Insane Championship Wrestling. On a night when the impossible can happen, one ICW competitor can earn themselves a ticket to glory, by winning the Square Go match, and winning a guaranteed shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at a time of their choosing.

At the Fifth Annual Square Go, at the Barrowlands in Glasgow on January 24th, not only will we see a new Square Go contract holder crowned, but we will also see a contract cashed in. In a showdown between two men whose ICW careers have been intertwined with one and other, Chris Renfrew will cash in his Square Go contract for a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship against the man who finally captured the title at Fear & Loathing VIII, Grado!

With such a rich history existing between these two men already, it seemed inevitable that they would meet eventually on such a huge stage, and on January 24th, they will collide at the legendary Barrowlands in Glasgow, for the richest prize in British Wrestling today, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but can Grado finally vanquish the shadow of his opponent for good, or will Chris Renfrew achieve his ultimate goal, and become ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

The ultimate underdog in modern day Professional Wrestling, Grado is the living embodiment of heart and desire conquering all. Determined from day 1 to become ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Grado has scratched, clawed and chewed his way through every obstacles that has been thrown in front of him, and on November 15th at the SECC, he finally achieved what so many believed would not be possible. Overcoming the monumental odds in front of him, Grado became ICW World Heavyweight Champion, and since then, has defended the title valiantly, never forgetting what it means to hold the prestigious title. With the fire inside of him still burning as bright as ever, can Grado walk into the Fifth Annual Square Go as the champ, and leave with the gold still around his waist?

A little known fact about Grado though is that, the man who opened the door for Grado to compete in ICW was none other than Chris Renfrew. Back when he flew ICW colours proudly, Renfrew made the call to Mark Dallas, suggesting that he give Grado an opportunity to be a part of ICW, and the rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays, however, Renfrew is of a much darker mindset, and is determined to leave Grado laying face-off down on the Canvas on January 24th, as he fulfils, what he believes to be, his destiny by becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Knowing Grado, arguably, better than anyone else, and having previous experience of challenging for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, will Chris Renfrew be able to capitalise on his knowledge, and finally become ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

The stage is set for these two ICW standard bearers to go to war. On January 24th, at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Grado and Chris Renfrew will face-off, but only one can leave with the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Pick your side, and don’t miss this blockbuster match!

ICW: The Fifth Annual Square Go takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow on Sunday, January 24th! Tickets are available now at and!  

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