Chris Renfrew VS Grado
By Scott Reid
Posted On 01-05-2016 15:45 GMT
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One of ICW's most bitter rivalries writes one more chapter on Sunday, May 8th at The Garage in Glasgow, as Chris Renfrew goes to war, one more time, against Grado. This time, however, one more will walk away with a golden opportunity, while the other will be left with one of the most crushing defeats of their ICW career.

Once close friends, Grado and Renfrew are now engaged in one of the most personal feuds that ICW has ever seen. While both standing for Mark Dallas's ICW in the war against The Black Label, Grado and Renfrew's different paths in Insane Championship Wrestling have brought them to each others throats. Now, with both men looking to become ICW World Heavyweight Champion once again, these two enemies will face off in a match that could drastically change their futures in ICW. The winner of this match will be given a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but the loser will never be allowed to compete for the gold ever again!

A standard bearer for Insane Championship Wrestling since it's earliest days, Chris Renfrew lives and breathes the letters ICW, and it was that commitment to the company that saw him become one of the promotions most popular stars. Known for his no-nonsense, brawling style in the ring, Renfrew has bled, arguably, more than anyone for Insane Championship Wrestling, all in pursuit of becoming the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. That dream was realised back in January, however Renfrew's reign was cut short just over a month later in Belfast, when he lost the title to Big Damo. Now determined to get one more shot at the title, what will the already dangerous Chris Renfrew be willing to do to earn himself one more shot at the gold?

While he may not be an 'ICW Original', no-one can deny that Grado is a a name synonomous with Insane Championship Wrestling. A cultural phenomenon who has grabbed the hearts of fans around the world, The Ultimate Underdog's rise to fame came during his initial run in Insane Championship Wrestling, and for that, Grado has been forever grateful, flying the flag for ICW on his many trips around the globe. After years of being told he wasnt good enough, Grado accomplished the seemingly impossible, when he captured the ICW World Heavyweight Championship last November in an unforgettable match against Drew Galloway. With another opportunity to challenge for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship only a 3-count away, Grado will need to dig deep, and fight harder than ever before, if he hopes to defeat one of his greatest rivals, Chris Renfrew!

One man will leave with a guaranteed ICW World Heavyweight Championship shot, while the other will never be able to challenge for the coveted title ever again, but will it be Renfrew or Grado who leaves with their head held high? Don't miss this huge match, next Sunday, May 8th, to find out!

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