Renfrew VS Divers: Blood For Blood
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-05-2015 21:51 GMT
Tags: Chris Renfrew , Dickie Divers

"You'll never be sad, and you'll never be lonely. You'll always have me to dance with." – The Joker

Throughout life, people are exposed to conflict on a regular basis. Be it on the news, in fiction, or even on their own street corner, conflict is everywhere in the world. While some conflicts die though, some are destined to go on for what seems like an eternity, with the combatants destinies seemingly intertwined as they engage in a life-long war that, whether they want it to or not, consumes both of them. Batman forever locks horns with The Joker, Superman is forever tied to Lex Luthor, and in Insane Championship Wrestling, the war between Dickie Divers and Chris Renfrew seems to be one that may too go on for as long as these two men draw breath. What started as a breakdown of a friendship has spiralled out of control in a matter of months, with the violence between these men reaching a level that there is no coming back from. This goes beyond a rivalry. This goes beyond pride. This is pure and simple hatred!

Dickie Divers and Chris Renfrew were once as close as brothers as part of the New Age Kliq. While, like, any brothers, they had their squabbles, Renfrew and Divers always had each other’s backs, or so it seemed.

At the Fourth Annual Square Go, Dickie Divers stepped out of the shadows of the NAK to capture win himself a guaranteed shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but unbeknownst to him, his victory would come at a price. To win the Fourth Annual Square Go, Divers would eliminate Renfrew from the match, looking only to earn a shot in the main event of ICW. Divers never wanted things to go sour between himself and Renfrew, but Divers of all people should have not to get on Chris Renfrew’s bad side.

The defeat at the hands of Divers, which he saw as an unforgivable betrayal, tipped the already unpredictable Renfrew over the edge, causing him to attack Divers on a number of occasions, and even go so far as to viciously assault ICW security members. When Renfrew and Divers finally came face-to-face at ICW: Barramania, their encounter was nothing short of carnage, as they destroyed each other in the halls of the legendary Barrowlands. Using the numbers game, and the shock allegiance with Wolfgang to his advantage, Renfrew was able to defeat Divers, but his torture of his former friend was far from over.

Throughout the Insane Entertainment System Tour, Divers and Renfrew would cross paths in a number of violent exchanges, with Divers eventually falling victim to a serious concussion at the hands of the New Age Kliq, before returning in Sheffield to face Renfrew in a brutal Street Fight. Renfrew would once again prevail, after more assistance from Wolfgang, leading to Divers laying down the challenge; at ICW: Flawless Victory in the Garage, the former NAK brothers would face-off in a Chairs match.

What transpired in that contest was nothing short of madness, as Renfrew and Divers tore each other apart in one of the most violent encounters seen in ICW in some time. In their first one-on-one encounter, without the interference of the New Age Kliq, Dickie Divers was able to finally pick up the win over Renfrew, but it was not without its prices paid. Both men inflicted punishment on one and other that could not be dished out by any ordinary opponents, drawing blood in the most sickening ways possible, using steel chairs wrapped in barbed-wire and thumbtacks to devastating effect, unleashing a world of horrors on one and other, and leaving each other very different than they came into the match.

Divers may have gained his retribution for the months of abuse at the hands of Renfrew, but are they too far gone to ever truly turn back now? While some rivalries can be laid to rest, with both competitors perhaps gaining some level of respect for each other, nothing was finalised between Renfrew and Divers. No hands were shaken, and no respect was given as they went off on their separate paths. Could it be that the hatred that exists between these two is one that will simply never die? Has their disdain for one and other formed an unbreakable bond between Renfrew and Divers that will see them at odds with one and other forever, whether they like it or not? And if so, what prices will they pay in their endless quest to destroy one and other? One dreads to even imagine.

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