Red Lightning Is Out Of Control!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 12-05-2015 14:50 GMT
Tags: Red Lightning

Is there any one man who has more control in Insane Championship Wrestling right now than Red Lightning? As the GM of the company, Red takes his responsibilities very seriously, but it's fair to say that not every decision the man makes appears to be done solely for the betterment of business. Clashing with the likes of Joe Coffey and Polo Promotions, Lightning has also been playing with the careers of men like Kenny Williams and Noam Dar recently.

At ICW: Flawless Victory, Red Lightning outlined his power grip over ICW. Not only did he open the show, interjecting himself in a situation involving ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway and Mikey Whiplash, but he would also show little concern over the well-being of valued staff member, ICW ring announcer Simon Cassidy, after the man was physically abused by Liam Thomson.

Having a busy night by anyone's standards, the General Manager of ICW doesn't seem to be acting alone. Stunningly, Red introduced The 55 to battle Polo Promotions own Mark Coffey for the ICW Tag-Team Titles, and seemed utterly outraged when the violent street gang failed to wrestle the belts away from their rival faction.

Shaking hands with James R. Kennedy - the thuggish gaffer of The 55 - before the match had even taken place, it seems there's some sort of deal being brokered between the GM and the group. Kennedy has repeatedly stated that The 55 are only interested in two things, hurting people and getting paid to do so, so it seems likely that money changed hands.

The vicious unit failed to get the job done however, something which may only anger Red Lightning further as he attempts to 'clean up' ICW and rid the company of men like Joe Coffey and groups like Polo Promotions. Perhaps the only thing which might satisfy Red is that Sha Samuels of The 55 attempted to break Coffey's leg with a steel chair, seemingly acting under orders from ICW management, or at least Red Lightning's own personal campaign against the 'Iron Man'.

Later the same evening, Lightning played mind games with Kenny Williams and Noam Dar, muscling in on their heavily-anticipated match and outright cancelling it. As boos rained down on the man for his decision, Red seemed quite pleased with himself, but just why is he messing around with the careers of two of ICW's brightest young talents?

In addition, what is the relationship between Red Lightning and The 55, and what lengths will he go to in order to ensure that ICW is run his way, and his way only?

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