In a nutshell. I've put my body on the line for long enough for little reward. ICW is selling out venues right left and center. If I were to wrestle Whippy next Sunday then I'd be the marquee match on the card. But what do I get for that? What do I get for being champion? I'm not getting shafted anymore. Let's not forget I was one of the guys who went out at Apollo 23 and gave the fans an extra match FOR FREE because the ring broke, I spent 5hrs in the Western Infirmary, and I had NOTHING to show except a concussion and ten stitches. So now, Whippy issues the challenge and I'm expected to drop everything and accept? Why? Do I have an ICW contract? Nope. I'm not obligated to show. This isn't about Whippy. I've been in his shoes, I've been the square go winner. I know exactly how he feels right now. If Dallas wants me to come and do the "right thing", here's my message to him...make it worth my while. I've been your champion for a year, you've handled me poorly, give me a payday. Let's face it...700 people in that Garage want Whippy to knock my cunt in, and win the belt. So let them pay their money to see the match happen, then you can give me a chunk of your change and we'll take it from there.

I'm not scared of Mikey Whiplash. For every deadlift and hour of wrestling he does every day, I'm sitting at home thinking of more ways to outsmart him. I've known this moment was coming since January. All those hours spent watching you, what are you good at? More importantly what aren't you good at? My wrestling "career" might not be as glittery as yours, I might not be as well travelled as you and I will admit that I'm not as good a technical wrestler as you. You are fucking good at what you do and I might even respect you a little for that. But make no mistake that I am also good at what I do and I do know what I'm doing in that ring. I wouldn't be champion for almost a year otherwise. So IF, and that's a big IF, that day comes where you get to cash not fucking underestimate me. Because one strike with that belt and your Square Go contract is toilet paper. Contrary to popular belief I'm not the "heel version of GRADO" . I know my game.