Polo Promotions vs The Rodgers Brothers
By Scott Reid
Posted On 15-09-2015 01:01 GMT
Tags: Danny Rodgers , Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Rory Rodgers

Polo Promotions, comprised of 'The Real Deal' Mark Coffey & 'The King of Chat' Jackie Polo, are now the longest reigning ICW Tag Team Champions in history, with the team having defended the belts against all-comers, all the while spear-heading their 'New Division' of ICW Tag Teams. Now, at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode III - Weekend At Bernies 2, Mark and Jackie have granted an opportunity at the gold to one of ICW's most promising young teams, The Rodgers Brothers, but who will leave The Garage on September 20th with the titles in hand?

With an-ring chemistry that is second to none, there is a reason Polo Promotions have held the ICW Tag Team Championships for a record length of time. Two of the most naturally gifted competitors that ICW has ever seen, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey are a well-oiled machine who can dissect opponents slowly over time, or pummel them into the ground with some of the hardest-hitting offence around. While they may be a very polarising unit to the fans, no-one can argue with Polo Promotions results in the ring, and on September 20th, they look to add another to team to the list of opponents who have fallen to the longest reigning ICW Tag Team Champions in history.

Their opponents, The Rodgers Brothers, are not a tandem to be taken lightly however. Since their debut in ICW, Rory and Danny Rodgers have climbed the ranks quickly, impressing everyone with the ruthless approach to competition, and their unwavering desire to become champions. At ICW: Spacebaws - Episode III, Rory and Danny have been granted the opportunity to claim the titles they so greatly covet. Could they pull off the shocker of the year by knocking Polo Promotions from their throne, and becoming ICW Tag Team Champions after only a matter of months?

Don't miss this highly-anticipated contest between two of the country's best tag teams, as the ICW Tag Team Championships get put on the line. Will Polo Promotions continue their record-breaking reign, or will The Rodgers Brothers fulfill their destiny?

ICW: Spacebaws - Episode III - Weekend At Bernies 2 takes place at the Garage on sunday September 20th. Tickets are on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com.

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