Polo Promotions VS Bird & Boar - ICW Tag Team Championship Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-01-2017 13:54 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Mike Bird , Wild Boar

At The 6th Annual Square Go, on Sunday 5th February at the o2 Academy Newcastle, the ICW Tag Team Championships will be up for grabs in one of the most personal contests in the titles history, when the defending champions Polo Promotions face the destructive unit known as Bird & Boar!

Looking to make as big a name for themselves as possible, Mike Bird & Wild Boar started the year off by targeting the ICW Tag Team Champions Polo Promotions. After viciously assaulting Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo, Polo Promotions granted Bird & Boar a shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships, in the hopes of getting some revenge on their attackers. Things didnt go to plan however, as Mark Coffey was left laid out on the entrance ramp after a brutal chair shot to the skull by Wild Boar. An obvious concussion that left Mark disoriented and unable to compete, the match was rule a no-contest, leaving Birs & Boar furious.

Due to Bird & Boar continually mocking Mark's injury, Jackie Polo had had enough, and threw down the challenge at the last Fight Club event; Polo Promotions would give Bird & Boar one more shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships, and look to prove once and for all that they are the most dominant tag team in Insane Championship Wrestling!

Despite Mark Coffey's recent injury, there is no denying that Polo Promotions are the most accomplished ICW Tag Team Champions ever. Having defeated almost every team they have ever faced, Mark & Jackie have become the figureheads of the ICW Tag Team division, setting the bar for every other tandem in the locker room. Life-long friends who have some of the most natural chemistry in the entire wrestling world today, Polo Promotions are a hard-hitting, calculating team who dissect opponents with their unparalleled team work. One Sunday 5th February, can they bounce back from their recent hardship, and defend the ICW Tag Team Championships like only they can?

Having only been a part of the ICW roster for less than a year, Mike Bird & Wild Boar have fought their way past an abundance of great teams to cement themselves as a real threat to the ICW Tag Team Champions. Two thirds of The Marauders, alongside Iestyn Rees, the devastating team from Wales are an exceptional combination of speed & strength. Mike Birds fast, unrelenting assaults, coupled with Wild Boars brute strength and ferocity have proven to be a challenge for any team who has crossed them, and at the 6th Annual Square Go, they are looking to unleash their fury on Polo Promotions one more time, and finally become the ICW Tag Team Champions. Can they knock the kings of the ICW Tag Team division off their throne, and leave Newcastle as the champions?

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