Polo Promotions VS Bird & Boar - ICW Tag Team Championship Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-12-2016 14:17 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Mike Bird , Wild Boar

This Sunday at The Garage in Glasgow, the ICW Tag Team championships will be on the line in a match that was demanded by the current title holders, Polo Promotions. While Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo have never been a tandem who back down from a fight, the team of Mike Bird & Wild Boar have got under the skin of the champions so much, that Polo Promotions have urged ICW Management to sign an ICW Tag Team Championship match this Sunday, so that Mark & Jackie can make an example of their Welsh adversaries.

At the last ICW Fight Club tapings, Polo Promotions came to the ring to address the entire crowd, along with the ICW Tag Team division. In an impassioned speech, Mark & Jackie questioned what they had left to do in Insane Championship Wrestling, having defeated almost every team that the company has to offer. It was at this point that Mike Bird & Wild Boar of The Marauders made their presence felt by viciously attacking the ICW Tag Team Champions, before grabbing the straps for themselves, making their intentions to become the top team in ICW clear.

Understandably enraged, Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo have demanded the opportunity to get their hands on Bird & Boar this Sunday, and prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are exactly what they claim to be; ICW’s best tag team. After a whirlwind year, that saw them leave ICW with the Tag Team Championships, before returning to claim their throne, and even go on to Fear & Loathing IX to defeat the legendary Team 3D, Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey have looked better than ever, and show no signs of giving up the ICW Tag Team Championships any time soon. Having taken on teams up and down the country, Polo Promotions have shown time and time again that they have a legitimate claim to being one of the finest units in the world, and this Sunday at the Garage in Glasgow, they will look to prove it one more time by brutalising Mike Bird & Wild Boar.

While they have only been a part of the ICW roster for a short time, the team of Mike Bird & Wild Boar have proven to be an extremely effective tandem. Combining the high-flying abilities of Bird, with the raw animalistic fury of Boar, the team have picked up some huge victories in ICW, and even advanced to the finals of the ICW Tag Team Championship Tournament at Shug’s Hoose Party III. Determined to the stake their claim in the company and make 2017 a landmark year in their careers, Bird & Boar have decided to go after the big dogs in the ICW Tag Team Division. With a point to prove, and everything to gain, can Mike Bird & Wild Boar put a stop to Polo Promotions momentum this Sunday at the Garage, and leave with the ICW Tag Team Championships in their possession?

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