Polo Promotions VS The 55
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-11-2015 17:58 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Kid Fite , Mark Coffey , Sha Samuels

One of the most heated rivalries of 2015 will write one more chapter this Sunday, November 29th, at ICW: Fear & Lothian III. In a huge rematch from Fear & Loathing VIII, the longest-reigning ICW Tag Team Champions in history, Polo Promotions, will put the titles on the line against the two men who have been a thorn in their sides for months, Kid Fite & Sha Samuels of The 55.

After months of battling back and forth over the ICW Tag Team Championships, Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo were able to thwart The 55 on the biggest night in ICW history, Fear & Loathing VIII. While Polo Promotions may have thought they'd seen the last of Sha and Fite however, The 55 have demanded a rematch against the Tag Team Champions, this Sunday at Fear & Lothian III. Never a team to back down from a challenge, Polo Promotions have granted The 55 their opportunity at the gold, but can they defeat James R. Kennedy's thugs to continue their record-breaking reign as ICW Tag Team Champions, or will The 55 finally get their first taste of championship glory in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Under the tutelage of Coach Trip, and flanked by 'The International Sex Hero' DCT, Mark Coffey and Jackie Pol have perfected their fabled "4-4-2" to remain ICW Tag Team Champions for over a year. Having defeated teams like the Sumerian Death Squad, The NAK, and the Rodgers Brothers, Polo Promotions have racked up a phenomenal win/loss record in ICW, with many calling them the greatest tag team that ICW has ever seen. With The 55 gunning for their titles once again, can Jackie and Mark fight harder than they ever have before, and remain ICW Tag Team Champions?

Two of the most violent men in all of ICW, Kid Fite and Sha Samuels have made it their mission to take out Polo Promotions, one way or another. With James R. Kennedy leading the way, The 55 have run roughshod through the ICW roster, tearing through anyone who gets in their way. They may have missed out on the victory at Fear & Loathing VIII, but men like Kid Fite and sha Samuels don't stay down easily, and on Sunday, November 29th, they have every intention of leaving with the ICW Tag Team Championships. Can The 55 use their ferocity, along with Kennedy's cunning, to finally take the gold from Polo Promotions?

Dont miss this huge rematch, as two of ICW's most dominant tag teams fight it out in Edinburgh, for the ICW Tag Team Championships!

ICW: Fear & Lothian III takes place at City Nightclub in Edinburgh on Sunday, November 29th. Tickets are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com!

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