The Polo Lounge Returns
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-01-2016 01:51 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Jackie Polo

During the course of it's first 99 shows, ICW has never been short of controversy. With so many different personalities gracing the locker room over the years, controversial figures have never been hard to find. On January 31st at The Garage, during ICW's 100th show however, fans will witness the one night only return of, arguably, the most controversial segment in ICW history, The Polo Lounge!

Once the talk show of 'Nature's Gift To Wrestling' Jackie Polo, The Polo Lounge split fans down the middle, with many famously choosing to 'face the bar' rather than watch the segment, in protest against the always outspoken Polo. These are different days though, and with the rest of Polo Promotions now standing by his side, Jackie opens up the Polo Lounge one more time this Sunday to welcome his very special guests, The Black Label & The 55!

The recent history between Polo Promotions and The Black Label/The 55 alliance has been heated at best, with Red Lightning and his cohorts often making targets of Polo Promotions, leading to Jackie, Mark, DCT and Coach Trip placing their allegiance with former ICW owner, Mark Dallas. 

With so much bad blood between these two sides, what will go down when they all step foot inside The Polo Lounge on January 31st? Will the King of Chat be able to keep order in The Garage, or will chaos reign once again when Polo Promotions welcome The Black Label & the 55 to the ring?

Do not miss the return of The Polo Lounge on this historic night, this Sunday, January 31st, at The Garage in Glasgow! Tickets are on sale now at and!

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