The NAK VS Wolfgang & Stevie Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-03-2016 17:10 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Stevie Boy , Wolfgang

When 2016 rolled around, no-one could ever have predicted that we would see the implosion of one of Professional Wrestling’s most dominant factions, the New Age Kliq. However, while some men are defined by loyalty, some cannot resist the temptation of their own greed, and that is exactly why, on Sunday April 2nd at Barramania 2, we will see Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn go to war against their former brothers-in-arms, Stevie Boy & Wolfgang!

On January 24th, at the Fifth Annual Square Go, the New Age Kliq picked up two of the most important accolades in all of ICW, with Chris Renfrew finally becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion, and Wolfgang capturing the 2016 Square Go Contract. With Wolfgang now guaranteed a shot at the title that one of his best friends was holding, many began to question whether the New Age Kliq could survive, but Chris Renfrew convinced that the group was stronger than ever. The reality proved very different however when, only a few weeks later, Wolfgang & Stevie Boy turned their backs on Renfrew & BT, viciously assaulting them, and aligning with The Black Label. With Red Lightning promising them the world, Stevie and Wolfgang’s greed has gotten the better of them, but is being on the side of the ICW Majority Owner worth having to pay the price of pissing off two of ICW’s most sadistic competitors in Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn?

The founding members of The New Age Kliq, Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn are two men who have forged the legacy of Insane Championship Wrestling from its earliest days. Both former ICW Heavyweight Champions, as well as former 3-time ICW Tag Team Champions together, Renfrew and BT are two of the most decorated stars that ICW has to offer, and that is no accident. Personifying everything ‘Insane’ about ICW, Renfrew’s brawling style and BT’s daredevil antics, coupled with their barbaric, and often sadistic, personalities, have earned them an army of fans, as they continue to raise the bar for what ‘Insane’ means in ICW. With a friendship unlike any other, and a score to settle with the two men who turned their back on them in the most treacherous way possible, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn are coming to Barramania 2 ready for war, and there may be no stopping the hell they plan to unleash on Stevie Boy & Wolfgang.

While Renfrew and BT are definitely two names who are synonymous with ICW, the impact that Wolfgang and Stevie Boy have had on the company cannot be understated in any way. Wolfgang is one of the few men who appeared at ICW’s first event and is still with the company today, while Stevie Boy is one of the pioneers of the ICW Tag Team Division, who helped shape it into what it is today. While they may not be a team who compete together regularly, Stevie Boy & Wolfgang are two of Scottish Wrestling’s most decorated competitors, having won titles all over the country. With their unmatched accolades in tag team wrestling, and with The Black Label by their side, Wolfgang & Stevie Boy may have poked a hornet’s by betraying the New Age Kliq, but at Barramania 2, will they prove that they were the superior members of the NAK all along?

 A family ripped apart go to war on Sunday April 3rd, but will the Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn get their revenge, or will Wolfgang & Stevie Boy take out one of ICW’s oldest and most dominant franchises?

Barramania 2 takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday April 3rd. Tickets are available now at, and!  

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