The NAK VS Team Grado
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-12-2015 20:06 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Davey Blaze , Grado , Kenny Williams , Noam Dar , Stevie Boy , Wolfgang

This Sunday, January 3rd, two teams will go to war at The Garage in Glasgow, as Team Grado unite to take on the might of the New Age Kliq, in a blockbuster 8 Man Tag Team Match!

With the Fifth Annual Square Go drawing ever closer, Chris Renfrew has done his best to get inside the mind of Grado, before they face-off on Janaury 24th for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, and he has done so at the expense of Grado’s closest friends. On January 3rd, Grado will lead the team of Noam Dar, Kenny Williams and Davey Boy as they look to gain some revenge over Renfrew, Stevie Boy, Wolfgang and BT Gunn. Can Team Grado pick up the win, or will the NAK start off 2016 on a high?

While they may not be a battle-hardened unit who have teamed together often, each member of Team Grado is heading into 2016 with a ton of momentum behind them, and they won’t let anyone, even the New Age Kliq, slow them down. With the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in his grasp, Grado has never looked more impressive, taking on all comers to his title, and defending it each and every time. The same can be said for the ICW Zero-G Champion Davey Boy, who has finally cemented himself a top single competitor in ICW, after winning the gold at Fear & Loathing VIII. Noam Dar and Kenny Williams have also been on extremely impressive runs, battling through every roadblock that has been thrown their way by Red Lightning, and remaining faithful to Mark Dallas during the rise of the Black Label era. With this team possessing every attribute needed for success, can Team Grado take out Pro Wrestling’s Waking nightmare on January 3rd?

While their opponents are certainly top stars in ICW, there has rarely been a unit more destructive and efficient than the New age Kliq. With 6 Tag Team Title reigns, 1 ICW Heavyweight Championship reign, and and 2 ICW Zero-G Championship reigns between them, the team of Chris Renfrew, ‘The Oddity’ BT Gunn, Stevie Boy, and ‘The Regulator’ Wolfgang are well-versed in what it takes to succeed in ICW, and they let nothing stand in their way. Ruthless, and without mercy, the New Age Kliq are coming to the Garage on January 3rd with destruction on their minds, and they will do whatever it takes to leave with the victory over Team Grado.

8 of ICW’s finest take to the ring in a huge tag match to kick off 2016. Will Team Grado get their retribution, or will the New Age Kliq get the upper-hand one more time, and embarrass their opponents on January 3rd? Do not miss this massive main event, this Sunday at The Garage!

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