New Age Kliq VS Filthy Generation
By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-10-2016 22:32 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Kay Lee Ray , Stevie Boy

Since the beginning of 2016, The Filthy Generation have made it their mission to make the lives of the New Age Kliq a living hell. Turning their backs on BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew in January of this year, Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray have been obsessed with the destruction of the New Age Kliq, and even believed they had succeeded in their mission to ruin the ICW standard bearers only a few weeks ago. However, they did not consider that their actions could tip the volatile Gunn & Renfrew over the edge, leading them to return more bloodthirsty and violent than ever.

With both sides ready to tear one and other apart, The New Age Kliq will get their hands on The Filthy Generation this Sunday, October 23rd, at The Garage in Glasgow, at ICW’s 10th birthday celebrations, but this party could very quickly become a bloodbath when these two units collide, and there is a special prize for the winner. 

After BT Gunn challenged Stevie Boy to a 1-on-1 match at Fear & Loathing IX, at the SSE Hydro on November 20th, Chris Renfrew suggested that the winner of this upcoming tag team match chooses the stipulation for that match. Stevie Boy has yet to agree to either the match, or this offer set out by Renfrew, but will the chance to finally end BT Gunn, on his own terms, be too much for Stevie to resist?

In an attempt to branch out on their own, Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray shocked the world when they turned their backs on the New Age Kliq, and have since become a truly dangerous force in the form of The Filthy Generation. Laying waste to almost any who crosses them, Kay Lee and Stevie may have picked a fight with two very intense individuals, but they are more than capable of handling the very best that ICW has to offer. On Sunday, October 23rd, can they finally complete their mission to rid Insane Championship Wrestling of the New Age Kliq. If time has proven anything, it’s that you should never count out The Filthy Generation!

Two men who are capable of truly unspeakable acts, Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn are one of the most feared tandems in all of British Wrestling. Closer than brothers, and as unpredictable as they come, no-one ever really knows what to expect from the New Age Kliq, but now, having been pushed to breaking point by The Filthy Generation, the NAK are more dangerous than they have ever been, and this Sunday, they will do everything in their power to make sure that Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray never forget the hurt inflicted upon them. A terrifying combination of strength, speed and sheer malice, BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew are coming to ICW’s 10th birthday party to draw blood, and they won’t stop until The Filthy Generation lie broken at their feet!

Tickets for Sunday, October 23rd at the Garage in Glasgow, as well as Fear & Loathing IX at the SSE Hydro on November 20th, are available now at, and!

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