The Marauders VS Polo Promotions
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-06-2017 12:31 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Mike Bird , Wild Boar

On Sunday 30th July at the o2 ABC in Glasgow, Night 2 of Shug's Hoose Party 4, a feud that has been ongoing since November last year will be taken to the next level, when Polo Promotions step into the ring to face the entire might of The Marauders.

Since The Marauders team of Mike Bird & Wild Boar defeated Polo Promotions for the ICW Tag Team Championships at the Sixth Annual Square Go, they have taken on all other challengers to the straps, but have remained firm in their belief that Polo Promotions are at the back of the line, and must work their way back to the top if they want to earn a shot at the titles.

Being former 2-time & longest reigning ICW Tag Team Champions, this should have been an easy taks for Polo Promotions, but 2017 has been somewhat of an uncertain year for Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo. Beginning with Mark Coffey suffering a head injury at the hands of The Marauders, Polo Promotions spent the early half of 2017 on a losing streak, suffering losses up and down the country. While they may have gotten their stride back now, there does appear to be a glimmer of an underlying tension between Mark & Jackie, with glimpses of miscommunication rearing their head every so often.

Having challenged The Marauders to face them at Shug's Hoose Party 4, Polo Promotions have been promised a shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships if they can defeat Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Iestyn Rees, but The Marauders would only agree to this if Polo Promotions agreed to split, should they lose the contest. While Mark Coffey seemed hesitant to accept this stipulation, Jackie Polo quickly agreed on the teams behalf, much to irrattation of his partner.

With the match now booked for Sunday 30th July, Polo Promotions will meet The Marauders at the o2 ABC, but is this task even too much for Mark & Jackie to deal with? Since coming together as a unit, The Marauders have been an almost unstoppable force. Mike Bird & Wild Boar have been dominating the tag team division, doing everything in their power to hold onto the ICW Tag Team Championships, and always standing by is their secret weapon, Iestyn Rees. Undefeated for the entirety of 2017 so far, The Alpha Male has been destroying anyone who stands before him, and actually holds victories over both members of Polo Promotions in singles competition! On Sunday 30th July, will The Marauders prove to be too much for Polo Promotions to bare?

While Polo Promotions are certainly outgunned in this contest, the former ICW Tag Team Champions have overcome massive odds throughout their career, and will face this challenge head on in order to get a shot at the titles one more time. A devastating duo, Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo have a legitimate claim to being the best team in the UK today, and they will use everything in their arsenal to come out on top at Shug's Hoose Party 4.

One question that has been raised going into this match though is, will Polo Promotions have anyone to back them up? The Marauders have stated that if Mark & Jackie have any friends, bring them to Shug's Hoose Party 4, but will there be anyone willing to answer the call. While greatly respected as a team, Polo Promotions have made plenty of enemies in their time, and don't necessarily align themselves with a large group of people in the locker room. Can Polo Promotions find anyone to fight by their side, or will the face The Marauders on their own?

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