Contract Signing On The LT Degree
By Scott Reid
Posted On 05-01-2016 18:04 GMT
Tags: Liam Thomson

ICW’s new King of Controversy, ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson, returns to the Garage this Sunday, January 10th, with the latest instalment of his very own talk show, The LT Degree, and on this week’s edition, he will stand face-to-face with his former fiancée, Carmel Jacob, and sign the contract for their upcoming match at Fifth Annual Square Go, on January 24th!

After Liam turned his back on Carmel at last year’s Barramania event, ending their 10-year relationship together, Carmel has waited patiently for her moment to get her revenge on the Bad Boy, and on January 24th, she gets her opportunity. Looking to make Liam pay for what he did to her, Carmel has challenged him to face her at Square Go, but on the road to this match, Liam has done everything in his power to make life even more difficult for the Pipebomb Princess. Attacking her at every opportunity, and even going so far as to get a restraining order on her, Liam has gone out of his way to get into the head of Carmel, but on January 10th, he will have no choice but to stand in the ring, face-to-face with the woman he scorned, and sign his name on the dotted line for their inevitable showdown.

What will transpire when The Pipebomb Princess and The King of Controversy meet in the ring one more time, with only a microphone as their weapon of choice. Will ICW learn some more home truths about the former couple’s breakdown? And will both competitors put pen to paper, and sign the contract for January 24th? To find out, Don’t miss this Sunday’s edition of The LT Degree, at the Garage in Glasgow!

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