Chris Renfrew VS Lionheart
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-04-2015 17:48 GMT
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ICW: Alex Kidd In London, taking place this Sunday, April 19th at KOKO in London is looking to be one of the most stacked cards that ICW has ever offered up to fans, on either side of the border. With a number of main event quality matches gracing this event, it’s hard to predict which contest will steal the show, but one showdown in particular has all the makings of an instant classic. Two men who know each other very well will collide in one-on-one action for the first time in over three years, revisiting one of ICW’s oldest rivalries. This Sunday, at the KOKO in London, Lionheart will go toe-to-toe with Chris Renfrew!

Stemming from their days as part of the ICW/Gold Label war, Lionheart and Renfrew have long been at odds with one and other, tearing each other apart on a number of occasions, in some of the most memorable matches in ICW history. Those were very different days however, and both men have evolved into completely different competitors since then. With experience now on both their sides, and with both men having a point to prove, will we see a new, even more violent chapter in this storied rivalry?

Lionheart has been through the one of the most turbulent years of his life since 2014, fighting back from a broken neck, and laying to rest his feud with Jackie Polo. Although Lionheart came back determined to prove he still had what it too to be the best in ICW, he fell short in his comeback at Barramania, losing to Polo in a crushing defeat. For many, this would have been the final blow that would keep them down for good, but as the last 12 months have shown, Lionheart is no normal man. With the will of a champion, Lionheart is eager to get back on the horse, and do what he does best; steal the show. This Sunday, he faces Chris Renfrew, a man who will no doubt force Lionheart to dig deeper than he has in the last year, to survive the violent onslaught that is no doubt coming his way. Lionheart has never had a bigger point to prove in ICW as he looks to put himself back at the top of the food chain, and it may be the focus on that goal that sparks a fire under Lionheart, and leads him to victory.

That being said, this is not the same Chris Renfrew that face Lionheart faced three years ago. Where once he was the ultimate soldier for ICW, ready to put his body through hell to defend the company he loved, Chris Renfrew is now a more ruthless, dangerous individual, who only cares for the letters ‘NAK’. With a more violent nature, and in the shape of his career, Renfrew is no longer a man looking to make a name for himself against one of Scotland’s best. He now sits on a throne of his own, and will do whatever it takes to halt anyone who steps opposes him. This Sunday, Renfrew will be out to prove that, not only does he feel he is on the same level now as Lionheart, but he has surpassed his opponent in every way. With his own agenda, and a bitter hatred for the man he steps into the ring with, Renfrew may unleash on Lionheart in London, and there may be nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Do not miss this epic clash between two of ICW’s best, as one of Insane Championship Wrestling’s oldest feuds writes one more chapter!

ICW: Alex Kidd In London takes place this Sunday, April 19th, at the KOKO in London. Tickets are available now at and


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