Lionheart VS Kenny Williams - ICW Zero G Championship
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-06-2016 13:14 GMT
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The rivalry between Lionheart & Kenny Williams has been raging for almost an entire year now, but at Shug's Hoose Party III, on July 31st at the o2 ABC in Glasgow, they finally have the chance to lay it all to rest, as 'The Bollocks' challenges 'The Bad Motherfucker' for the ICW Zero-G Championship in a one-on-one encounter!

Since he was duped into believing that he had accidentally re-injured the formerly broken neck of Lionheart last August, Kenny Williams has been out to get his own back on the Bad Motherfucker, but every time they meet in the ring, Lionheart manages to sneak the win over his young adversary. That streak of escapes ended only a few weeks ago however, when Kenny was able to score the pinfall over Lionheart in a tag team contest, proving once and for all that he deserves a fair shot at the ICW Zero-G Championship. 

Now, at Shug's Hoose Party III, Kenny Williams gets his shot at the gold, when he takes on Lionheart, but will it be The Bollocks or The Bad Mother who leaves the o2 ABC as champion?

A former ICW Zero-G Champion in his own right, Kenny Williams had one of the longest and most exciting reigns of the recent years, dazzling fans each and every time he stepped through the ropes with the gold around his waist. Determined to become Champion one more time, and with all the desire in the world focused on getting his own back on Lionheart, Kenny has been on a fantastic run as of late, but can he capitalise on his momentum on July 31st, or will his hatred for Lionheart be his undoing?

Love him or hate him, no-one can deny that Lionheart's reign as ICW Zero-G Champion has been one of the talking points in ICW in the last few months. Having won the title back at Barramania II, Lionheart has done everything in his power since then to hold onto the gold, defending it against the likes of Zack Gibson and BT Gunn in extremely close fought battles. Despite his best efforts to deny the young man a title opportunity though, Lionheart must now step up to the plate, and face Kenny Williams at Shug's Hoose Party III. With his beloved ICW Zero-G championship on the line, can Lionheart overcome one of the hottest young talents in the country today, or will his run at the top finally come to an end?

Tickets for Shug's Hoose Party III, at the 02 ABC on July 31st, are available to buy now on,, and!

This event will be broadcast around the world on iPPV, on FITE! Start time 7.30pm GMT, 2.30pm ET, and 11.30am PT! Check out for more details

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