Lionheart VS Joe Hendry - Unsanctioned Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 20-06-2017 18:53 GMT

On Saturday 29th July at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, on Night 1 of Shug's Hoose Party 4, one of the year's most bitter rivalries will finally come to it's violent conclusion, when Lionheart & Joe Hendry go head to head in an Unsanctioned Match!

Two competitors who once had a personal friendship away from the ring, Lionheart & Joe Hendry have become the worst of enemies over the past few months, due to shots taken on that mic by Lionheart, regardign Hendry's personal life. After a number of matches that have broken down and been called off by ICW Officials, Lionheart & Joe will finally settle the score in a match that will not be sanctioned by Insane Championship Wrestling management.

In a match where a winner must be crowned, Lionheart & Joe will be able to do whatever they wish to one and other, without officials calling a stop to the contest before a pinfall or submission takes place. 

With their issues getting too much for even ICW management to deal with, Lionheart & Joe Hendry will finally put an end to their feud once and for all, but who will come out on top after months at war?

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