Joe Hendry VS Lionheart
By Scott Reid
Posted On 22-03-2017 10:55 GMT
Tags: Joe Hendry , Lionheart

At Barramania 3, on Sunday 16th Arpil at the Barrowland Ballroom, two of ICW's top stars will collide in a match stemming from one of the most personal rivalries in Insane Championship Wrestling history, when Joe Hendry takes on Lionheart!

What began as a simple dispute over respect has spiralled out of control, due to comments made by Lionheart regarding Joe Hendry's personal life. Singleing out Joe's relationship during a scathing speech in front of the ICW crowd, Lionheart's comments led to Joe uncharacteristically attacking the former Zero-G Champion during their match in Manchester, leading to the match being thrown out. Since that night, Lionheart & Joe have been kept apart as much as possible, but on Sunday 16th April at the Barramania 3, they will go one-on-one in what is sure to be an extremely heated contest.

Blazing through 2016 and into 2017 as one of the most talked about personalities in ICW, Lionheart is never far from controversy, but has, in many peoples opinions, gone too far this time. Never one to bother about other people's thought however, Lionheart has gone about business as usual, looking to prove every night that he is still one of the absolutel best that this country has ever produced. The former Zero-G Champion has promised to show up to Barramania 3 and 'do his job' in a professional manner, but with so much bad blood between himself and Joe Hendry, can things really stay as 'Professional' as ICW management would like?

He may be known as one of the most professional members of the ICW roster, but these latest issues with Lionheart have certainly brought out a change in 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry. Enraged by what his adversary had to say a Fight Club, Joe had no choice but to retaliate in some way, but his actions in Manchester left everyone, including ICW management, lost for words. While having seemingly smoothed things over with Lionheart, Joe has warned his Barramania 3 opponent never to mention his personal life again, but with Lionheart not exactly known for being quiet with his opinions, will we see another heated exchange when these two face off at Barramania 3?

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